Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ever Dreamscape, Ever With Us

Ever Dreamscape
Portrait by her close friend, Benjamin Wahl

A simple post by Marianne McCann to the My Second Life microblog was the first I heard: Ever Dreamscape passed away. Within moments I logged into Our World to find people starting to gather at a makeshift memorial at the Bay City Community Center (SLurl). Likely no one kept track of the numbers, but quite a few people dropped in, shared stories about Ever, and wondered what Second Life will be without this true friend.

Those who knew Ever just a little and those who knew her quite well grew closer, something that often happened in her presence, a true community cheerleader and organizer to the end and then some.

This picture is from an Espresso Yourself Night at The Pen in Bay City (SLurl), right as she was opening herself like I've never heard before. Everyone there was deeply touched by her "Hero's Journey" (read it here) making it quite the memorable night.

Various memorial plans are in the works as well as efforts to preserve her properties in Bay City. More importantly, our community is reaching out to her Real Life son, also a Bay City resident, to offer comfort and possibly assistance. An unofficial commitment has been made by The Lab to provide a memorial space in Bay City so future residents will know her impact.

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