Monday, October 3, 2011

Burn2: The Sacrifice

The words to describe The Sacrifice, Claudia222 Jewell's contribution to Burn2 (SLurl) almost completely fail me, so here are her words along with my picture that barely captures even a tenth of this installation's impact:

"Facing death to prove braveness and to gain enlightenment are Rites of Passage."
Let me be clear about my taste in art ... I prefer Renaissance, photojournalism, nature, and realism. I'm not a fan of Op Art, Modern Art, or anything that feels it must describe itself as art in it's name. Van Gogh confuses me. da Vinci excites me. And I'm not (not, I say) a fan of the macabre or grotesque styles.

But Claudia's art is a smack in the face. It grabs me and makes me look at every detail, every nuance. Her art has a splendor (the word keeps repeating in my head when I see The Sacrifice) with its characteristically lush textures and opulent use of organic forms. As I stand at the site to write this post and listen to the visitors (there are usually quite a few at most any time), I hear others echo my thoughts.

There is nothing about this build that follows the "everything was brought to the desert in a truck" motif as it is the height of Not Possible in Real Life and it is truly gorgeous. Put this on your Burn2 "must see" list.

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