Monday, July 8, 2013

Star Trek Freebies (UPDATE)

Loki Eliot is not only a Genius Builder, he's a Generous Builder, too. Recently a friend of his became enamored of all things Star Trek (if you don't know about the Star Trek entertainment franchise you might be bored with this post) so Loki created a combat-enabled starship for him. Then he went on to create other ships. Eventually he created a whole game system. I've been watching pictures on the My Second Life feeds for about a week now and it looks like a lot of fun.

Today I read a new post from Loki:

Startrek Battles will be available FREE at my store later today, will do another post soon and probably blog about it later, in mean time here is a small vid showing what i made...

It isn't out as of the moment I publish this post, but drop by Loki's shop in Escapades (SLurl) and check out his other freebies and his really cool non-freebies such as clothes, games, and more. The region is packed with interactive stuff so it is well-worth exploring while you want for the game release.

Admittedly, one big reason the game will be free is that Loki doesn't own the copyright to the starship designs so selling for even L$1 would be a major no-no. But don't let that fool you into thinking "cheap quality." From what I've been reading they use the new "materials" graphics tech, have full lighting, and are very detailed.

Loki's blog (and other social media connections) is here.


Loki has posted more information and imagery on his blog here.

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