Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Left or Right?

Which is your favorite? What do you like or what don't you like? Let me know in comments (if you are interested, of course).

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Proper Inventory Tools

Zyx Flux's Inventory
While fishing my butt off at FFF 2014 I was lamenting my poor Inventory. More than a hundred prizes were dropping into my Objects folder like rain in Seattle. "This mess will take me more time to clear up than it took to create," I told myself. Rapidly dropping select transferable items on friends, relatives, and alts wasn't helping. It made me seriously wish for offline Inventory management. Strictly speaking, having to log into my account and be in-world isn't necessary for basic maintenance. And if I could do it from my iPad, all the better.

Sure, if I want to box up for storage items that I seldom use I need to be in-world (Or do I? Read on!), but transferring items to other avatars or moving things between folders only needs access to the Inventory Window and maybe a couple extra buttons.

The Close All Folders button in Alchemy's version of the Inventory window (shown above with it's annoying "A" folders) is a step forward. Other third party viewers have this feature, too, and it is one that The Lab should adopt (currently you need to use a menu). Better yet, let's have true windowing like desktop operating systems have. Highlight an object and with one button Properties pop up. A set of buttons to change from a directory tree view (so DOS 1.x), to list view, to columns view, or even a Cover Flow view that would present thumbnail renderings of objects, textures, and note cards. Or instead of needing to box items to store for later use [See the "Objects (Storage)" up there? I wrote about it here.] items could be sent to a secure backup folder. Only Linden System folders can't be deleted so if I accidentally hit the Delete key with my storage folder highlighted and I zip past the warning (don't ever tick the "Never Show Again" option), I'm fairly up a creek.

Offline management would require synchronization, but the extra few moments would be well worth the time. It isn't like we aren't used to the idea now, anyway. Apps sync between all my devices all the time: Messages, email, documents, password vaults, file storage, etc.

After all, our digital stuff in Second Life is just a bunch of files, right? We should be able to manage them as such.

Friday, November 7, 2014

My Blog Stats - November 2014

The renowned Daniel Voyager often publishes his blog stats so I thought I'd give mine a whirl. Here goes, for what it is worth ...

From this data it appears I'm popular with Russians, Brits, and vampires that like bikinis and boobs. Is this how Woodward and Bernstein started?

Thursday, November 6, 2014

An Octopus and Dragons

An interesting post showed up Thursday on My Second Life (AKA, the Profile Feed or just The Feed): "There is a weird group on FB called "Second Lifers for Life" where oldbies wax on about how awesome the past was ..."

Not having Facebook or being terribly interested in drama I tuned out most of the comments but it got me thinking about the many magical moments I experienced when Second Life was still fairly new to me as Uccello Poultry. You see, I never really explored until hitting the Main Grid, more or less just hanging by myself on a lofty build platform high above the Teen Grid. Perhaps I've been in a nostalgic of late about my early Main Grid days and this post triggered more memories. Like the time last month when someone (I think it was NikoKito Aries, but I can't be sure) posted a picture of that classic orange octopus we have probably all seen.

Me from 2007 with my copy of the classic orange octopus.
It made me remember the time back in 2007 when I was out with my spanking new swim HUD and was exploring a coastline somewhere, headin for a dock with lots of kelp around it. Little did I know, that octopus was there. A glance out of the corner of my eye was enough to make me jump a little in my seat. It was actually a fright! After swimming away I eventually went back to look at this bit of magic and eventually I got a copy for myself. She was a frequent addition to many of my builds over the years. At the time I marveled at how it was made. Today I'm skilled enough to duplicated it and those with talent in mesh can certainly surpass it, but I don't think I'll have a moment like that again.

Draxtor's post initially brought to mind another experience. I was stunned. I cried. I laughed. I met dragons ...

This was probably late 2007 or early 2008 and I was stalking Lucky Chairs in a shopping center with quite a few of the prize givers. While walking from store-to-store, there in the center park area I saw two dragon statues. They were gorgeous. I walked up to them and all around them, looking everywhere I could. One was huge. All glossy black with Egyptian ornamentation. The smaller one was similarly themed. For several minutes I was admiring the prim work and wondering if I could ever get that good.

Then the big one spoke to me. "Hello!"

And I started to cry, overwhelmed with awe. It was an avatar! Magical.

Several more minutes passed before I could respond. The moment had me so choked up. Eventually, I learned that these were Anubis dragons and that there was a baby (Tiny) version as well, all creations of Daryth Kennedy from The Isle of Wyrms in Second Life. And as you can see above, I eventually got my own. Not everyone could get one back then, mind you. It took me a couple years of saving money and  trying a lottery they used to have, first buying a junior version of the big one (and I got the Tiny, too).

Today you can buy lovely sculpted and mesh dragons (and I have bought more than a few), each a treasure in their own right. But that first magical moment ... *sigh*

I still don't understand what is going on over on Facebook and I really don't care unless someone hurts my friends in the process. As a dragon, petty stuff is below me (dragons eat drama llamas). Find your magic, new or old, and that's all that matters.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My Phone is Smart

What does a mute need with a mobile phone? Texting, at minimum. Great way to communicate. Then the iPod Touch came out and wherever I could find Wi-Fi, FaceTime was my go-to communications solution. Now I have a smart phone.

No, I wish it was an iPhone. The monthly cost would be prohibitive considering I only text or use Wi-Fi. So our family buys Tracphones, a pre-paid service here in the US that deducts "minutes" for voice, text, or data. I get a new phone every year because someone at Tracphone hasn't figured out that for not much more than buying a one-year service card I can get a new phone, a ton of minutes, and a year of service.

This year my brother and I got LG Ultimate 2 smart phones. Big learning curve to pick up Android compared to Apple's iOS but it was sooooo cheap! But now I have to get Skype. Then figure out how to get my iOS calendars to show up on Google calendars. Synching contacts was done with a cheat.

Up-sides? It looks like if I'm on Wi-Fi I don't use any minutes for texting (or voice, my brother tells me) and most apps I use on my iPod/iPad are on Android, too. Like Grocery iQ 9not as nice as the iOS version), Kindle,  Full Deck Solitaire, and then some. Thinking of getting Lumiya for Second Life on the road.

The biggest up-sides – I don't have to carry two devices and I can still do maps or Interwebs if I don't have Wi-Fi. Oh! And I used one of my pictures from Meauxle Bureaux (Slurl) as my wallpaper.