Saturday, January 9, 2010

What's in My Closet? Latex Swimwear

Despite the idea that wearing anything latex strikes me as rather silly most of the time, I certainly have a lot of it in my Second Life® closet. This is one of two latex swimsuits I have from Alessandra Pinklady's shop (SLurl), the other being mint green. A recent purge of my inventory left me with about 50 suits and bikinis (some of which I made for my shop - SLurl) but I wear this one rather often. Why? Maybe because it shows at the top of the list. Or it could be what it does for my bust. It is not exactly my preferred style, but for whatever reason I think I look good in it.

This is the second bit of beachwear I've featured in my WiMC series, a nice piece from Bare Rose being the first (Web). Since I have so many, don't be surprised if you see more of my skin in a future post.

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