Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Some Merchants Just SUCK

Some merchants in SL are as bad as they are in RL. Trust me.

I had purchased an air hockey table in-world from jrenslow Bach, as described in my XStreet item Discussion copied below, and tried to contact him in-world when I had an issue. He gave no response to IM or to a note card so I posted in the Discussion section of the item's XStreet listing (URL) hoping he would contact me. A month later, he did, demanding that I change my Discussion post but never offered the free upgrade promised.

Here is the Discussion Posting:

Posted By: Uccello Poultry at 2010-03-06 20:45:15 (has not purchased this item)
The description on XStreet was rather vague so I searched in-world to find a demo. One was not available but the quality of the other merchandise seemed good and I thought "well, I can afford to lose L$400 so ..."

Yes, I lost my L$400. When the description says ★Menu Controlled that's exactly what it means ... you move your paddle one increment at a time left/right/forward/backward via pop-up menus. Other Air Hockey tables in SL have you drag the paddle to hit the puck. The menu only starts or ends the game. Also, the description here indicates the set is Copy/Mod. With no description for such on the signage I figured it would be the same in-world. No, it is NO COPY. It leaves your inventory when rezzed and cannot be copied in-world.

Until this unit has significant changes or improvements, please learn from my L$400 and find another unit to buy. Find my other reviews on XStreet. You'll see that I seldom give negative feedback and it is usually mild.

Terms of Service do not permit me to copy/paste the IM from today here, but jrenslow Bach was exceptionally rude, demanding that he show me the upgraded table rather than give me the free upgrade promised. He also said that he is going to have my first comment removed by XStreet, so I posted a second comment:

Posted By: Uccello Poultry at 2010-05-05 14:23:43 (has not purchased this item)
At this very moment, the maker is arguing with me that I cannot have a free upgrade as promised unless I change my earlier comment in the discussion. Also, he tells me that he is going to have XStreet remove the discussion stating I never bought the table. It is still in my inventory. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS MERCHANT. VERY RUDE.

Additionally, I filed a complaint with Linden Labs, ticket #4051-7706335 and I'm highly recommending you shop, shop, shop before giving your money to jrenslow Bach.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hover Text Pollution

There was a time that when one rented space in a mall the most common rule was "No Hover Text" and I was fine with that. It's a handy thing to use but it can be quite annoying, especially when it interferes with an otherwise scenic view. Here I am at a bunny pen my friend Jehria has and I can't see the bunnies for all the pollution. She likes it so I can't complain about it here but I finally got my wife to turn off the hover text over her bunnies in our bunny garden at Dolce Valentina (SLurl). Now I can enjoy the bunnies and the environment. But visiting Lops of Lesbos (SLurl), where this picture was taken, is still hard on the eyes. Ah, what we do for our bunnies, huh?