Friday, August 14, 2009

What's In My Closet? B@R MicroBikini

So many Second Life resident blogs are about fashion, many either promoting wares in their stores or simply detailing their recent purchases. My Plurkfriend Jacqueline Daniels is a bit more unique in that her blog, called In Jacq's Closet, is described as "Raiding my inventory one outfit at a time." I like her focus and think that I can get away with liberating her idea for an occasional feature on my blog: What's In My Closet? No details on skin or hair or accessories, unless it is important, just pictures and comments about the outfits.

So mixing all these ideas, let me present the Bare Rose MicroBikini Type C, pictured at left. It comes in eight colors, but I seldom wear any but the black one. I wore the white one the other day but it didn't seem right on me. The other colors are nice and I'm determined to try to wear them more often, but if it doesn't work out I'll be gifting some. As with other Bare Rose clothes, the textures are crisp and well-detailed. What I really like, though, is the flexi-prims that make the string ties. If there are other suits available with ties as clever as these I haven't seen them. Certainly none of my some 50 other suits are like this, those with strings simply drawing them on the clothing layer.

Here's hoping I continue this feature. It might save me some money. Once upon a time I sorted clothes and decided to take pictures of every outfit I was going to keep so that I could "poke through my closet" to pick an outfit without having to try on everything in the process. A couple thousand L$ later I got most of it done then lost interest. And since then I've added many, many outfits and separates so maybe this series will help. At least until I decide to import the pictures, exploding my inventory and again depleting my wallet.

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