Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Blog Stats

Can't say I've ever done this before, but other bloggers do, so ...

For some reason, a bad pic of me in a micro-bikini is still my most popular post. At this point for the month, "Osprey goes looking for Salazar" and "Years in Review: MySL" both have 111 views each. All this, BTW, doesn't count my own page views (I read past posts in my blog).
C'mon, Eire! Let's pull up those numbers for a native daughter!! Now, to figure out who I know in Russia and China and who the f@ck uses Firefox.

The Year of the Topless Tuesday!

The year 2013 will be memorable for many things, but for me I'll always treasure Topless Tuesday, the commemoration I (apparently) started on February 19th with posts on MySecondlife.com and on this blog. The idea was that women should be able to dress as men do, and that includes being able to not wear a shirt, blouse, sweater, or other top if they do not wish to do so wherever and whenever that men are not required to wear them.

Not long after, women all across Second Life started participating with their own Topless Tuesday (or "Happy TT") pix on the Feed as well as adding them to the Topless Tuesday in SL Flickr group I created. Even the Queen of Meme, Strawberry Singh, kicked in with an entry in September (see it here) on her blog.

Much of the time I try to save the more explicit of the posts for the Flickr group and my blog, but sometimes you will see The Girls "bustin' out" on the MySL Feed. Trying to keep those posts totally G-rated is rather the antithesis of the whole idea, but I know that some have certain preferences so I try ... unless the picture really calls for it.

With little success, a couple guys tried to start a Wiener Wednesday but after just a couple posts much of the female SL community simply passed out from "the vapors" and the Feed got quiet again. And there were several funny parody posts such as Marianne McCann's picture of her convertible sedan with the top down.

As someone who needs directions and goals to do most anything (I'm not easily led and I'm great at simply watching others be productive), the Topless Tuesday meme is something that keeps me going, especially since I had little else to keep me busy in Second Life during 2013. I hope you enjoyed my efforts in the spirit they were intended and, as I do, look forward to more Topless Tuesdays to come.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Year in Review: MySL

For the last however many days – it seems like forever, but Internet time is like that – the My Second Life feeds have been down and few people have been able to post pictures. As a means of keeping our community together it is nearly dead and just waiting to be buried. As with the year 2012, though, I spent a good part of my 2013 posting pictures and sharing my Second Life with friends and various hangers-on. Here's a sampling of my snapshots. I hope you enjoy them. Click the titles over the pictures to see the original posts.

Mole Day!
Dancing with Angela at Mole Day, an annual Bay City event honoring our friends the Moles from the Linden Department of Public Works (LDPW). Tons of Moles turned out and a good time was had by all.
One Billion Rising (OBR)
Yes, I misspelled my name on my own shirt. But I was Greeter Lead for OBR, a worthwhile event iRL and iSL.
My friend Kaelin makes some wonderful mesh avatars and I was thrilled when she asked me to model some of them for her. Check out my blog (here) for entries about her and the avatars.
Merlin and Death in the Forest of Kahruvel
On a couple of my several visits to the Forest of Karhuvel to do what I could for the investigation into the disappearance of Salazar Jack (see here for more info) I ran into Merlin (yes, that Merlin) and one time watched him talking to Death (I had a pic ready to post here but lost it).
Topless Tuesday
Apparently, I started Topless Tuesday.
The main thrust of this blog post was to point out that I hadn't accomplished anything of note in 2013. It seems, though, that I inaugurated the MySL feeds tradition on February 19 with the above image and this blog post.
I also used the MySL feeds to document Caturdays (sometimes Fursdays, too).
The Pouloco Station
My brother's Pouloco gas station in Bay City - Dennis (SLurl) was often featured on the MySL feeds by me and others. He's thinking of doing something different for 2014, with fewer dinosaurs, I hope.
Holidays would often find me zipping around The Grid in some sort of themed outfit. Easter 2013 was Cabbit Time.
My friend Marianne was often the target of griefing, sometimes intentionally, but like when the birds attacked her home lots of us rallied around and held Abuse Report parties. As a community, Bay City residents will do the same whenever ne'er do wells strike Our Fair City. Sometimes there's dancing.
One for the Guys
Not too long after Topless Tuesday started the guys started Wiener Wednesday. I helped.
Bay City Alliance Meetings
Lots of Bay City Alliance meetings. We start with Metrics, Moles, Servers, and Events. Then we move onto Food and sometimes Dancing or Food Fights.
Miss Bay City
My loving wife Angela reined as Miss Bay City for a year and was featured in the town's anniversary parade. With the help of Anthony, I put together a parade car for her and hired Kato to drive her. Sadly, I crashed and my account was locked so I couldn't actually be in the parade.
Towel Day!
May 25th was Towel Day, celebrating the life of author Douglas Adams.
Rodvik Sneaks Into Bay City
Filmmaker Drax helped Our Fearless Leader Rodvik Linden sneak into Bay City but a crowd quickly formed. By the way, Rod? You still owe me a bear.
The skies of Livingtree caught fire every week over the Summer and I attended whenever I could if only to see if "this time" Marianne would finally burn down the school building.
MySL was a great way to document all the times I just hung out. Which was often.
Second Life's 10th Birthday Party was amazing, at least what I saw of it. I was banned for doing mySL10B job someone who claimed to be a good friend. The same person who trained me to do what I was doing that got me fired. Really made the whole event suck. But I visited some highlights like this history walk by Marianne McCann.
During 2013 I upgraded my "implants" in SL because I like the look and I'm this big iRL, too, so I wound up taking lots of pictures of me and The Girls for the MySL feed. Look for more next year, of course.
CC Columbo
My brother CC pops in as himself now and then, though usually he hangs out in Caladon in his other avatar. We have one computer that runs SL fairly well and one that is rather poor at it but sometimes we can hang out together.
A Nice Pair
Lots of boobies pictures from me on MySL in 2013, but I tried to keep them funny.
Hot Bay City Nights
Another event in Bay City is the annual Hot Bay City Nights. It's a car show, a car wash, a dance, and a Miss Bay City Pageant, too. Money raised at this and many other events in Our Fair city go to childsplay.org
There are about a dozen more pictures I singled out from my snaps bin, but this post has gone on long enough and you can review my blog (here) and on Flickr (here) to see lots of what I might have posted on MySL because I'd often put the best of them in other places. What you should really be doing is going out and making your own memories in Second Life.

Monday, December 23, 2013

A Visit from Rodvik (with apologies to Mr. Moore)

A long-standing tradition since 2011, Bay City's own resident poet (brewer, newspaper publisher, insurance agent, arsonist, spammer) Ever Dreamscape has posted to the MySL feed her rendering (in both senses of the word) of the classic Clement Clarke Moore's A Visit from St. Nicholas. This year, she has graciously (or at least as payment for posting lewd pictures of me that I myself totally posted hitherto fore) is her epic ode, A Visit from Roderick.

A Visit from Rodvik

Twas the night before Christmas and all thro' the lot,
Not a creature on radar not even a bot.
The stockings were rezzed by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St. Rodvik soon would be there.
The moles were nestled all snug in their dens,
While visions of mesh danc'd in their heads.

My alt, who was ruthed, and I in bald cap,
Were just logging off for a long restart's nap.
When out on the sculpty lawn there arose such a clatter,
I stood from my totally G rated bed (honest”) to see who was griefing me this time!

Away to the teleport I flew like a flash,
Clicked on my mini map, and waited to crash.
I turned up my draw distance and opened an AR,
With graphics on high I could really cam far.
When what to my V3.67891-2a did soon rez,
But a sleigh full of prims and eight noobs (one wearing a fez)

With a Gorean driver, wearing a pixelated stick,
I knew in a moment it must be St. Rodvick.
More rabid than vampires his coursers they came,
And he gestured, and shouted, and call'd them by name:
Now! dasher101 now! dancer22 now! prancertheromancer13 and hotchickvixen24
On! cometcutie92 on! cupid4U69 on! donder95 and blitzenishawt;

"To the top of the porch! To the top of the wall!
"Now animate! Animate! Animate all!"
So up to the skybox the coursers they flew,
With the sleigh full of premium gifts — and St. Rodvick too:
And then in a frame, I heard on the roof
The freebie clicky heels of each little goof.
As I opened my pan zoom, and was camming around,
Down the teleport St. Rodvick rezzed with a bound:

A new shopping bag was rezzed on his head,
And he look'd like a newbie confused and full of dread:
He was skinny and tall, sliders raised %100
And I activated my laugh gesture, a move I'd lament;
A wink of his eye, wow he must have a face animation
Made me wonder if I 'd be better off gaming on Playstation.

Not a chat or IM, he went straight to his work, 
And rezzed freebie crap all over; wow what a jerk,
And after his avatar had seemingly froze
He walked into a wall, then up the teleport he rose.
He sat on his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle,
And away they all flew, like the down of a thistle:
But I then heard him shout, ere he drove off the sim
Happy Second Life to all, don't leave for Skyrim!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy Caturday!

A few more days til Christmas and this kitty is all ready ... are you?
Happy Caturday Before Christmas!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Something About A Tux

The brother I often mention in this blog is a Freemason and for a while he was an officer in his lodge. That meant he owned a tuxedo (the "tails" type, specifically) and wore it often. He looked pretty good and maybe that's where I got my "thing" for tuxes. Or from penguins. Not sure. But I have a couple for myself in Second Life (tuxes and penguins, but that's another story) and today that number increased by one when my friend Drew dropped a very nice (and probably very expensive) Hoornebeek's (SLurl) mesh set on me for Christmas. Totally unexpected and though I've been a good girl, totally not deserved, I'm sure. Thank you, Drew! It looks fantastic (if I may brag and take some credit).

I had to stuff The Girls into a special bra so the outfit would fit, but I think I carry it off.

The mobile phone was included. Other items not pictured: Really nice shoes/socks; a functional watch with alarm feature that could be a twin of the Rolex my father wore; aviator-style sunglasses with built-in gadgets; an open collar with un-tied tie option; open or closed or no jacket options, too.

I think my wife is due for a bit of dancing soon, and so are you, Drew, if you'd like!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Merry Christmas from Angela & Uccie

Yes, Angela picked that expression. She's a playful imp.

Osprey goes looking for Salazar

Today just after 1:00 PM (SLT), several intrepid explorers led by Osprey Therian (MySL or Twitter) entered the Forest of Kahruvel Anomaly (SLurl) as part of an effort to find and retrieve the long-lost Salazar Jack. Here is my photo record of the event. As electronic devices in the area were disabled or otherwise rendered useless, I used an old film camera to shoot transparencies. These I scanned and enhanced to compensate for the gloomy, rainy weather and to add recordings from my Viewer User Interface. When the anomaly collapsed, even my mechanical film camera stopped – I ran out of film.

The Exploration Team (Osprey, Fenix, & Gomi) with some of the Base Team (Valdora, Cessadia, and Holocluck).

Well-wishers and friends.
In the foreground is Shigeko Tachikawa. She has recently returned from an adventure inside the anomaly (see here).

Fenix Eldrich and Gomi Mfume enter the anomaly after Osprey disappeared.
Holocluck Henly monitors.

Click any image for a larger version. Visit kahruvel.com for more information

Monday, December 2, 2013

Winter Season Challenge from Strawberry

It's friggin' cold outside as I write this – 34ºF with damp air as the ground gives up the moisture of the weekend's rains – but 70ºF inside the house with a breeze from the ceiling fan. For some reason, that feels cold. This year I find myself agreeing more and more with my elderly mother: It's f*ing cold!! Yes, she's as "colorful" as only an 80-year old woman can be. That's about the only amusing thing about Winter so far. I don't like Winter and I was really tempted to skip Strawberry Singh's meme this week (original here) but otherwise I doubt I'd blog anything today. In her post she thanks bloggers "that still do my memes" but I should thank her for leading the way.

Meme Instructions: Take a wintery picture and/or answer the following questions about the season. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments and share your picture in the Blog Memes Flickr Group.

One of my favorite builds over the years at the Isle of Lesbos was Lofn Skadi, a small lake dedicated to an original builder on the Isle. For the two years it existed I added Christmassy items to the skating hut at the end of the seasonally frozen lake.

What is the December/Winter season like where you live? Cold. I live on the seacoast of Maine so our snows will vary widely from just a dusting to several feet if a Nor'easter hits. Fortunately we pay someone to plow us out so I have very little shoveling to do ... mostly cleanup of the wheelchair ramp and the part of the driveway Mom has to traverse. Snows usually hit in February through March so we don't always have a White Christmas.

When you think of winter, what’s the first thing that pops into your head? Spring. I would much rather have the chill of a Spring morning followed by a temperate day than most any part of Winter. Of course, I'd rather be on the cold side than outright hot. Heat makes my body turn to liquid and I sweat like a pig without the pleasant bacony smell that accompanies. Sadly, Spring comes late here. The earlier start of Spring in Central Pennsylvania, where I grew up, is something I miss. Instead of March, I have to wait till later in April.

Have you ever played any extreme winter sports? Ultimate (Frisbee) in snowbanks. One day my brother dragged me out to shovel snow, I thought, but we wound up tossing a Frisbee up and down our closed street. Local kids would join in and some younger adults. Hardest physical effort ever, really, but fun so we did that whenever we could. My brother's health isn't what it was so in the last few years we've simply tossed a disc back and forth on shoveling breaks or waiting for the car to warm up.

What do you like most about this season? Maine (almost all of New England, really) is so beautiful after a fresh snow. Then again, Maine is rather lovely even with bare trees and ground. It's the abundance of pine trees we have. I can still see green stuff even in the depths of this miserable season.

Do you celebrate Christmas, Hannukkah, Kwanzaa or another holiday during this time of year? Christmas. Nothing fancy. Mom usually gives us our prezzies way early. I got an iPad Air last month (we all got new ones) and I have a Winter coat coming my way. Haven't owned one since I was a pre-teen, preferring to layer sweaters and sweatshirts and flannels. Some friends usually pop over for a light meal and to exchange gifts. We decorate on or about the 15th of each December, usually just the living room. Mom has a custom 4'-tall ceramic Christmas tree, lit from within so little plastic bulbs glow. And she has a 15" ceramic tree with bulbs and doves, one for each person important to her that has passed away.

The last Christmas at Lesbos. I'd waddle around in my penguin avatar whapping Meeroos with a large herring. The boss loved to decorate for Christmas. She's from Florida so she doesn't know that this is supposed to be a miserable time when we all pay penance buried deep in frozen water with the only joy coming on the one day we go inside from the torture to sit around a dying tree that can't be kept near a heater lest it catch fire and roast us all.
Happy Christmas, Everyone!