Friday, December 20, 2013

Something About A Tux

The brother I often mention in this blog is a Freemason and for a while he was an officer in his lodge. That meant he owned a tuxedo (the "tails" type, specifically) and wore it often. He looked pretty good and maybe that's where I got my "thing" for tuxes. Or from penguins. Not sure. But I have a couple for myself in Second Life (tuxes and penguins, but that's another story) and today that number increased by one when my friend Drew dropped a very nice (and probably very expensive) Hoornebeek's (SLurl) mesh set on me for Christmas. Totally unexpected and though I've been a good girl, totally not deserved, I'm sure. Thank you, Drew! It looks fantastic (if I may brag and take some credit).

I had to stuff The Girls into a special bra so the outfit would fit, but I think I carry it off.

The mobile phone was included. Other items not pictured: Really nice shoes/socks; a functional watch with alarm feature that could be a twin of the Rolex my father wore; aviator-style sunglasses with built-in gadgets; an open collar with un-tied tie option; open or closed or no jacket options, too.

I think my wife is due for a bit of dancing soon, and so are you, Drew, if you'd like!

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