Sunday, January 29, 2012


I got a message from ace reporter Zyx Flux about the Drowsy region (SLurl). In a word: Fantabulouslywow. Here's more of what she said ...

The Lucky Kitty Crew was at Drowsy and the group chat told me they were having fun. You know I'm not big on grabbing many store gifts and freebies, but like I said, they were having fun so I went and then I saw the sim ... Fantabulouslywow. I was in love. If fact, I offered to marry the creator and let someone else have the babies (our friend Serenkitty, to be precise). Everything I look for in a great landscape was there. Natural land formations as if Mother Nature herself did the work. Plenty of foliage. The key there is density, density, density. A great land texture can only do so much. Well placed grasses in great abundance with plenty of trees and other flora really give a sense of lush, realistic growth. And lastly, structures that appear to belong to the precise spot where they are, not just dropped in place. The types in Drowsy are not just logical, but the textures look like they've been acted upon by the environment. Here are some pictures I took.

There is lots of water in Drowsy and it attracts a variety of animals. Look for unusual species.

This seems to be the main shop as that is where I landed every time I entered the region.
Normally pixies aren't big fans of water, but I just had to do a floaty in this inviting lake.
Speaking of unusual species ...
This area is a great example of the landscaper's overall plan: Take a space and make fill it with as much as you can. All the Kodak guides on photography had the same advice ... "Fill the frame."
There are shops scattered everywhere. Rather than be organized with rows, racks, shelves, and the whatnot you usually find in a shop, goods are scattered amongst various tableaus, like this library. The lizard isn't for sale. That's a patron.
Another example of a shop on Drowsy. I managed to buy L$300 in goods while here and everything is top-notch. This is one very creative creator. Folks from the Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) were touring around and admiring everything, including my friend Claudia222 Jewell.

Many thanks to Zyx for letting me know about Drowsy. I'm heading over myself as soon as I finish this post. I'm sure I can say without a personal visit that if you like interesting builds and great landscapes, this is the place for you.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Featured Locations @Lesbos

For a couple weeks now I've been posting ... erm, posters ... at Lesbos to highlight some of the new attractions for new visitors and those reorienting themselves after the remodeling. Here are the first few:

The Beach @Lesbos!
The part of Lesbos that has gotten he most compliments is the beach, Sappho's Point. It runs nearly the width of the sim and has a whole array of amenities, such as floaties, towels, lounges, a sauna and hot tub, and plenty of places to cuddle. You can even grab an inner tube or a jet ski. There are several islands, too, that I guess are part of the the Point, but I haven't given them their own names yet. In the background behind some trees is the rainbow roof of The Pride Club, the main dance venue on the Isle.

The Secret Garden @Lesbos!
The Secret Garden is actually a left over from the last rendition of Lesbos, having been added at least six months ago by our pixy gardener. The sim-wide remodeling saw the addition of a wonderful set of cuddle/intimacy blankets in a camp setting to the Garden, but little else changed. The magical flora is home to wandering unicorns -- sometimes you see them and sometimes you don't -- but there are always dance balls, cuddles, and even places to sit by yourself and enjoy nature. Be sure to say "hi" to Fiona, the garden fairy.

The "Love Boat" @Lesbos!
The next featured location is the "Love Boat," a flying ark filled with a little tropical paradise and a cozy cottage for intimate get aways. For years, Lesbos had a wonderful steampunk airship, but last year it was replaced by the airborne "Love Boat" and this year the boat as been expanded, in a fashion, by having two more air-floating islands join it in the skies.

There are so many places on Lesbos that deserve attention, like each of the islands and the mermaid cave and the Bath House and ... well, each will get their week in the sun, so to speak, when they each get a poster near the Entrance Teleporter.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Looking Glass Revisited

Several times last year I visited Horizon Dreams, a beautiful region that is home to The Looking Glass Store, but never really explored the place despite writing about it (here). It is part timeworn village and part fantasy landscape and completely gorgeous. I watched over my brother's shoulder (we share a computer) as he explored several of the prefab structures he was considering to replace the treehouse on our land. The landscape is fabulous, truly. Magnificently shaped and textured then filled with stunning plants in such a fashion you'd think it all just grew that way.

The meadow outside the tree trunk house is perfect for pixies.
Later, when I could get my hands on the computer, I returned with my adventurer pixy, Zyx Resident, and she landed just outside a perfect place for pixies, a tree trunk house (SLurl). Surrounding the house is an abundant meadow (where Zyx gorged herself on pollen and other delectable treats) with a nice garden table and chairs. Cross the stream via the fallen log and you'll find little hollows with more meadows.

Meadows, meadows everywhere, just what a creature of nature needs.
As you explore, watch for little details and eventually you'll find a cave entrance (very cleverly done ... it looks so natural that you might miss it). Inside you'll follow a dark, winding tunnel (take off your face lights!) and eventually end up at ...

A very elegant and tastefully simple ruins.
I can only imagine the backstory the builder had in mind when working on ruins within the cavern. It is easy to sit in this chamber and picture what it must have looked like in it's heyday, with bold tapestries,  dutiful courtiers attending the court, and a buzz of life typical of a thriving kingdom. Or maybe, a darker theme filled the space during it's peak, with demons and sacrifices and ... *shudder*

Traveling on through more tunnels, a magical cavern appears ...

Impressed? The picture doesn't show the life in the cavern's lights.
You must see this cavern to believe it. The maker, Marcus Inkpen, sells a copy of the pool (in-world one on the Web) but the installation goes well beyond what you can buy. The execution is simply stunning. Gather with friends (there are four single poses in the pool) and savor the effect. You won't regret it.

Actually, you won't regret visiting any part of Horizon Dreams. Whether you stick to the village and the shops or hit the trails to see the forest and meadows or explore deep within the mountain, your time will be well spent.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fursday & Community

Today was to have been Fursday, a unilaterally-delcared (by me) semi-holiday in Second Life dedicated to celebrating the Furries. At one time I tried with some seriousness to be a Furry, this cat avie being my first attempt (later I added the paws and the extra boobies) but found it wasn't for me. I still have quite a few Furry avies, some of which have been noted on this blog, but more so, I still have an appreciation for the Furry community. One of my oldest friends in Our World is a super Furry, enjoying the lifestyle even in Real Life. Her virtual self and suited-real self could almost be twins, right down to the lavender hair. Clearly she gets more out it than I did.

I think it is a sense of community. Sure, there is whimsey, but all the die-hard furries I've met go beyond the dress-up to bond via "common characteristics or interests [to perceive] itself as distinct in some respect from the larger society within which it exists" (source). The community of Tinies in Second Life is very similar and I'm sure both groups share memberships (yes, I have several Tiny avies, too), though I imagine it is rather difficult to "go Tiny" RL compared to being Furry RL.

Both groups make me smile, though, and I'm glad I have lots of Tiny and Furry friends, but the latter has an allure to it that ... hard to describe. In any case, just as I celebrate Caturday by wearing neko bits in SL and RL, I'm going to start celebrating Fursday, at least in Second Life. Join me?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

Zaara - A lovely little town

When I need a bit of peace with a hint of excitement I think of Zaara (SLurl), a lovely little town with a shop that sells traditional and inspired Indian clothing of the highest quality.

The entrance to the shop shows hints at the high-quality textures of the clothing, such as you see on my model. Xandah is wearing a patterned orange kurta and blood-orange churida. She has the "Bollywood" hair that is in your basic Linden inventory. I didn't ask about the shoes. Note the arches on the windows and the door. Very cleverly done.

Relaxing by the water at sunset. At times the surrounding buildings have shops, but today they were empty. Each is beautiful and evokes a distinct feel yet blend to make a cohesive environment. Zaara Kohime, the builder, seems to understand architecture at least as well as she does fashion.

Too many people fly into a shop or a mall, look for what they want (sometimes using viewer-based search tools so they can get back to mindless scripted dancing more quickly), then simply leave. Zaara is a place to be savored. This alleyway of mock-shops is a delightful addition, immensely adding to the region's character. When I see this level of passion in a build I have little trouble paying the shop owner whatever they want for the goods I want. They certainly deserve it.

Same alley, different direction. I love the shadows. In this shot and the previous one is a model's pose stand languishing on the pavements. Not sure why. The critter, I can understand.

Most any build has wee errors, like this slightly airborne elephant outside a temple for Ganesha. A near by corner has some clearly airborne trees, but you have to work to get to them. But a scene like this certainly makes up for any trivial "ooops" or two that one might find. Goodness knows I spend lots of time at my builds looking for prims that have drifted or been mis-placed and textures that are poorly done.
Zaara has a blog if you'd like to keep up with new releases. It updates more than the in-world group. But her clothes are only one reason to visit. The region is several reasons to visit, unto itself.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Prescient? [Updated]

Several weeks ago, shortly after the big remodeling at Lesbos, I added two neon signs -- New England Patriots & San Francisco 49ers -- to The Airstrip, the Isle's seedy strip bar and airport, without even thinking about the Superbowl, let alone the playoffs. My bestie in SL is a Niners fan. I put it up for her.

Well, my boys the Pats beat the Baltimore Ravens (sweeter because I grew up in Ravens-Steelers-Eagles-Redskins territory) so they are in the big game and as I write this, the Niners are locked in battle for a spot at the dance. Gooooo Niners! And not just because I have a friend that is a Giants fan and was forced to contribute money to his Christmas gift, a warm jacket with that team's logo.

Shoulda got him a Pats coat.

Ayuh, New England is wicked hawt!!!
[Update: 10:34pm local] Apparently I'm not terribly prescient. The 49ers lost. Well, it should be easy pickings for the Patriots, at least.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wistful Sigh

I wonder when we'll be able to enter a virtual world where the avatars are this good.

Jaco Herbst is an amazing artist. Check his homepage for renders of other figures or here for more of Catwoman.
Imagine the hardware that would be needed, especially the data connection.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Too Busy Being a Pixy

Cripes, I had to spend 90% of my day in Real Life today, getting my first manicure and pedicure, amongst other things, when I really wanted to be in Second Life being a pixy!

Fallen Gods has a new mesh fantasy avatar, a micro-sized girl -- elf, demoness, or fae (L$1500; SLurl). Of course, I got the fae and a full set of hair from Wasabi Pills (L$500; SLurl), and one rather girly outfit (L$400). Immediately I began fitting the clothes I had for my other micro pixy avie, one composed of comparatively primitive (pun intended) sculpts, and adapting my regular pixy's eyes for this teeny form. And here is the result!

Wee Zyx is even more wee-sized but a bazillion times cuter!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Photo Contest?

My friend, Lesbos Security Officer, and rather talented creator Kaelin Westland proposed that the Isle of Lesbos have a photo contest to promote the wonderful beach that came with our most recent remodeling. I'd be a judge, but look at the photo below and tell me if I would have had a chance.

Normally you'd find a pixy in this bottle.
I've always liked pics where the water surface birfucates the image but it isn't easy in Second Life. I had to render this in Acorn on the desktop. The undersea area in the image needs some fishies and the transition could be more realistic. There would actually be a magnification and image shift on the bottom side. The dividing line would have more ripples, too, I feel, despite the calmness of the ocean as they are closer to the focal plane of the "camera." And the way the Snapshot tool UI is configured I pretty nearly gave up at the start. I'm going to have to start taking screen caps and going from there.

But look away from the boobs ... think I'd have a chance with this shot?

Saturday, January 14, 2012


This picture, which I ran across earlier today (Web), shows all the trees in the United States. As a forest girl, it makes me weep. Fortunately, I live in a darker-shaded part of the Northeast. I can walk 10 minutes in one direction and put my feet in the North Atlantic ocean or have someone drive me 45 minutes in the opposite direction and I'm in a hush-quiet forest, green even in Winter thanks to the abundance of pine trees.

And I can also escape to Second Life, where generous people have graced the landscape with tropical jungles, deep deciduous forests, and other lush landscapes. Crimarizon (SLurl) is one such place. Immediately upon entering the region one can almost feel the humidity rise, hear the buzz of numerous but unknown insects, and smell the abundant fertile ecosystem.

A birds-eye view at sunset. You'd have to look very close to see my adult pixy alt near the top of the spectacular set of falls, just under the fairy statue.
You quickly notice the fantasy elements, from amazing plants to inspired statuary to other-worldly creatures always lurking in the corner of your eye. Everything is fabulous to see, I believe, but the cave is the best part for me.

Many interesting things live inside the cave, one of the best I've seen in all Second Life in terms of beauty and geologic plausibility, fantasy creatures aside. Zyx is hovering in safety over a vine above the ground.

Beware when you use one of the cave's exits for it is guarded. There's a reason Zyx's blade is bloodied.
These pictures really don't do justice to the build for a couple reasons. One, I couldn't shoot everything. There is just too much to see and too much detail. Secondly, I spent so much time making this last one. I have nearly a dozen variations and at least that many more planned, once I can make a couple props and play with a few other Windlight settings.

Clearly I'll be spending more time at Crimarizon. If you see a pixy named Zyx, say "Hi" ... if she's not busy in battle with some fierce creature.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Fabulous Hair

Late last night when my wee pixy alt was wrapping up a purchase of a freebie item on the SL Marketplace, the site suggested several other items in hopes to wring some cash out of her. Interestingly, one of the items was a free demo hair from Wasabi Pills (in-world at SLurl), pretty much obviating the attempt at bringing the checkout total above Zero Lindens. But she quickly grabbed that, too, and grabbed demos of other styles including the one pictured here, Sebastianne. Everyone who saw it the next day agreed that this mesh hair was far too adult for such a child-like pixy. But not for her bigger "sister," another pixy alt of mine ... the adult one. And, my goodness, she makes it very, very adult, indeed.

Several shades of one color for L$250 or a complete set of all colors is just L$1500 (if I recall correctly). This shade is Night Shadow, part of the pack of all blacks.
Yes, you saw the word mesh up there. This is new tech hair that anchors to the body thus moving naturally. Those tresses draped over the pixy's modest assets won't "fall" into her body as her pose changes. Nor will they stiffly stick out into space as sculpted and non-sculpted prims both do. The hair stays put. Add some strategically placed flexi prims (none in evidence here) to simulate fly-aways and the look could be oh so natural. In any case, I think the hair looks great and even mesh detractors likely will, too. Sure, there are some drawbacks. Like a special hair base and a hair-specific alpha layer are required. And there is a rendering error common to invisi-prims with some of the space between the hair and the body. I'm not sure why. If this big pixy were bustier, the gap would close and no one would be the wiser, despite their increased propensity to stare at the increased bounty.

But I am thoroughly pleased, indeed. In fact, I made this style her standard hair, the one saved with a dressable nude avatar. It even looks good with her usual blue skin ... but I'm too thrilled with this effect to change skins just yet. Her wee "sister" pixy has some money and the names of a couple more youthful styles available at Wasabi Pill and plans on ducking in tomorrow to shop. If, that is, her big "sister" is done playing.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Don't Tell My Boss!

Somewhere along the line when planning to remodel the Isle of Lesbos, I told my boss, Threshin, that I wouldn't do an elaborate undersea mermaid spot as I had at the time. I merely wanted a corner to do an undersea cave with a couple fancy building tricks to make it look huge. She agreed with "I like caves" and away I went. I tried several different landscaping schemes and wasn't happy. Eventually I went with a prefab full-mod cave I had in my inventory with which I took advantage of being able to resize prims beyond 10-meters. I had to fake a sea surface landscape, but it worked out pretty nicely. Threshin said she liked it and all was done.

Until I got some free time.

Soooooo ... I expanded a cave wall a bit and changed the landscape a bit.

Then I added an undersea habitat that I made for the fun of it (okies, half thinking to using that instead of a cave) and put in some beds and chairs.

After that I added some plants. But plants need critters, so I adopted a turtle from my inventory and bought some sea anemone and a giant clam ....

Anyway, it doesn't take too many prims and it looks nice and I can clear it in no time. Until then, here it is:

Terri the Turtle knows to avoid the anemone ... shhhh .. secret!
Oh, crap. I think she reads this blog 0.0

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Me, Naked

A friend recently shot some nice pix of me posin' in the buff and it looks like one of the shots was good enough for a place on his gallery wall! Come checkout Sidharta Philo's work (SLurl). If you wind up in his store, head to the roof.

Nope. No pic here *giggle* You'll have to go to the gallery.

Official Viewer Update

Second Life 3.2.5 (247236) is here! As usual, I had to uninstall the old viewer before installing the update. For some reason, incremental updating stopped with the Official Viewer some time ago, but I can live with that. That also means any Windilight settings I add go away, but I've become adept at copy/pasting them after any install.

Normally I don't comment on updates or new releases, but this iteration has some changes worth noting (read the full list here):

  • The Recent Speakers list now pauses when the mouse hovers over it. This makes life easier when trying to adjust Voice chat volume for individuals or for grabbing profiles.
  • All UI floaters are now available via menus. This also means that items buried in sub-menus are also faster to access, such as Region controls, which are now two clicks, not four.
  • For some reason, "Edit Terrain" has been removed from the Options tab in About Land. As a land owner, I rather liked that feature. I was able to quickly set the land so non-group members could help with the terrain. No, I didn't do that frequently, but often enough that it was handy.
  • The "Move" toolbar button has been renamed "Walk/Run/Fly" which should make life easier for noobs. That's just one of several name tweaks you'll notice though out the UI.
  • Emoting in Main Chat now longer shows names twice.
  • "Ocean" water elevation now matches the elevation of region water, so when you visit places with"sea levels" higher or lower  than the standard 20 meters, the
  • horizon is continuous. You can see this at JDC Dive Charters (SLurl), where the sea level is 51 meters.
  • Moving the Main Chat entry bar to the bottom left, where it traditionally can be found, no longer covers the chat read out. With v3.0 the proliferation of window panes like we had in the v1.x viewers this concession to simplicity is welcome.
Since I can't seem to write a blog post without a picture and I didn't feel like making one specific to any of these points, here's a gratuitous shot of the Mouse Club, one of the many "rezzer" clubs that the Lesbos Event staff can call up depending on the event theme.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sappho's Point @ Lesbos

Coming up on six years ago, the Isle of Lesbos Manager, Threshin Barnett, got tired of me pestering her about building things for the Isle. She had me create a custom sand texture and then she took my idea for naming the newly expanded beach: Sappho's Point. Then I was allowed to make a distinctive rock, etched with the new name, and place on the beach -- my first build, all of one prim. From there I was given larger and larger assignments at the Isle, to the point where I was allowed to create the main buildings for the current remodeling. Tonight, I set the rock back out, not that anyone will notice, and slipped behind the new bar I didn't make to relax. One major project to go ...

The view is spectacular from here. I think I found my new favorite spot on the beach.

The Lesbos Memorial Park

Grief-stricken, I took a little corner of Lesbos a few years ago and set up a memorial for a Second Life friend and lover who died suddenly in Real Life. Eventually it grew to be a memorial for all our lost friends and loves and sisters. With each Isle remodeling, a memorial has always been included in one form or another and each time a small part is dedicated to the first honoree, Parker Koolhoven.

With the current remodeling of the Isle, the Memorial Park has a new form, as well. The last version was cobbled together and I was never really, really happy with it. Sure, it had some clever bits, but it wasn't quite right. This time, I got it right ... I let my wife, Angela Seale, make it. Well, sort of. She took an idea of mine and ran with it. In the process, I chimed in with design suggestions and requirements, lent some textures and trees, and re-imagined an older idea. She poured her passion and several clever tricks into great design taste and now we have the new Memorial Park.

The Memorial Park again is behind the University building and facing west, pretty much at my insistence. I've always thought of sunsets as symbols for the ending of a life. The Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami memorial Torii gate is back to lend a bit to the Asian inspiration that started this whole incarnation. The one cherry tree from the last memorial has been joined by a second.
I told Angela that I wanted mostly very shallow water. Originally, I had thought to make something like a Zen garden -- a large area semi-submerged with memorial stones scattered about. Angela thought of an amphitheater. I wanted more water so I added some falls to her back wall and some fountains. The Diana statue is off-sim, as is the Torii gate in the other pictures.
Candles, one for each remembrance, are still a part of the memorial, as is the large piece with a rose and flame for Parker. Fortunately, we haven't added too many candles.
The westward view. The original Torii gate (also made by Angela) was mated with some simple rocks, but this time around I paired it with some new rocks and an off-sim lighthouse from TUFF. The sky here was highly manipulated but I love the effect.
The Memorial Park is a very special place. And now I'm too choked up to write any more.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Lesbos University

The second major build I completed for the 2012 Isle of Lesbos remodeling was the University building. For a couple generations of remodeling, the Isle has had a "University," the first with actual classrooms. I'm not clear on the original intent behind having a Uni, but over time it simply became a big building with a room for table games and fencing, a living room, photo studios, and various other amenities. Once we even had a combat room. The latest incarnation has added a Great Room for sitting and socializing plus three dorm-style bedrooms and a dorm-style bath. A dining room was also added while the area for photo studios was greatly expanded. The courtyard is now the main entrance to the Isle and has already proven to be a great place to meet others.

The Uni at sunrise.
To the left and up the hill is Menagerie Isle, the sister sim with breedable pets. Under the glassed roof of the Uni is the Great Room while the main section houses all the other amenities. The courtyard is a unique spot and my "office," where I keep my laptop and cats and lunch. The water tower up top is a big empty ... or is it?

The courtyard with me in my "office" with Isle Security Officer JoyJoyJenny in her mermaid bowl. That's the Norwegian flag as the Isle's owner, Miss Jane, is from Norway. We keep the reindeer elsewhere *giggle*

I love the Great Room, though I'm looking for some really nice pillows for by the fire. My original intent was to have this sort of greenhouse-like with the game tables, but Isle Manager Threshin's idea of a sitting area is just as nice. I still might sneak in lots of plants, though (shhh ... don't tell her).

This is the Game Room. Behind the wall to the right is the dining room and a nice picture window is to the right. There is lots of room all over the Uni for expansion and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Maybe my favorite room in the Uni, the Bath Room. A couple really great showers and a handful of tubs, all with cuddles and intimate poses, is a soft, inviting space. Nearly ever time I visited since finishing it last night, it's been filled with women. The purpleness wasn't exactly intended, nor was the room itself.
When I started the Uni my only mandate from Threshin was to put in dorm rooms. So I planned four generous ones and bought four tubs, recommended furniture to Threshin, and built away without care. Once the building was installed, however, I was told the three of the rooms would be bedrooms and one should have all the bath items. Second Life is a funny place, though, as I hadn't expected communal intimacy rooms would be at all popular. For example, the large treehouse we've had for a couple years had a "group sex" room that attracted enough visitors, but seldom more than two at a time. Visitors would see it occupied by a couple women and leave or avoid it. Same with the hot tub ... "I'll leave you two alone" was the mantra. But the bath room has already had groups of women tubbing and showering away already.

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Lesbos Bath House

One of my first builds for the 2012 remodeling of The Isle of Lesbos was the bath house. For about a year, our little corner of Second Life was without one and everyone missed it. From the beginning some six years ago, Lesbos had a castle, a beach, and a bath house. It was high time the latter made a come back.

The main structure is round, as bath houses often are. Round buildings are "softer" than rectangular ones and more inviting. The large windows let in a lot of light while their placement up high allows privacy for the visitors inside. An extended deck replaced a shorter one after the structure was placed so visitors could relax sea side and enjoy the sunset, rez an inner tube bumper boat, or fish.  Behind and on the hill is the Lesbos University building, the Isle's main structure. Westward and off the coast is a nice light house from TUFF and a Torii gate made by Angela Seale, originally set out as a memorial shortly after the 2011 Japan earthquake/tsunami. A future post will cover the Isle's memorial area in more detail.

This birdseye view shows the open roof. At one point I had thought of planting a tropical topiary in the center pool you see and let bits stick up through the roof. I rather fancied the bath house to be part greenhouse, what with the big windows and all, but that didn't work out. As I rather fancied the roof idea, though, I created a nice scuplty to save prims and ran with the design anyway. Yes, at one point I thought of enhancing the feminine symbolism by making the building ovoid.

Inside I was stuck for an idea to have flowing water seem reasonably plausible. Ewers weren't quite right for the semi-Medieval theme and then I thought of barrels. The windows are "alpha textures" from a Prefabrica texture pack. I have an all-prim set I can put in, more than trebling the number of prims in the whole build. I can live with the conflicts these have with the alpha-texutred trees outside to keep the prim count low. I figure most women will be too busy concentrating on the mulit-pose pillows and other pose sets to notice. Not shown are the two massage tables. I thought of adding steam, but it would have interfered with the animated water. Oh, if you are an engineer and you notice the 'oops' I made, s'okies. There are no real physics to worry about here. I promise to eventually redesign it.
If I had more scripting skill I might have done a few things differently. Sinking the structure into Linden water would have been cool rather than using prim water, but the whole building would be totally different. And if prim count wasn't important I'd like to see the higher-detail windows. All-in-all, I'm rather pleased with the build. It didn't take great technical skill (just some experienced-builder tricks), but attention to details in prim alignment and texturing sets it above some similar ideas I've seen, if I do say so myself. I hope the ladies enjoy it.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

What I've been doing

The Airstrip Club offers a full flight schedule, hang gliding, sky diving, and strippers.
Just before the Old Year ended I started picking up my prims from the Isle of Lesbos because just after the New Year started a complete remodel of The Isle of Lesbos started. Here is a wee section of it. I'll post more pix soon, but I'm so busy getting things done.