Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fursday & Community

Today was to have been Fursday, a unilaterally-delcared (by me) semi-holiday in Second Life dedicated to celebrating the Furries. At one time I tried with some seriousness to be a Furry, this cat avie being my first attempt (later I added the paws and the extra boobies) but found it wasn't for me. I still have quite a few Furry avies, some of which have been noted on this blog, but more so, I still have an appreciation for the Furry community. One of my oldest friends in Our World is a super Furry, enjoying the lifestyle even in Real Life. Her virtual self and suited-real self could almost be twins, right down to the lavender hair. Clearly she gets more out it than I did.

I think it is a sense of community. Sure, there is whimsey, but all the die-hard furries I've met go beyond the dress-up to bond via "common characteristics or interests [to perceive] itself as distinct in some respect from the larger society within which it exists" (source). The community of Tinies in Second Life is very similar and I'm sure both groups share memberships (yes, I have several Tiny avies, too), though I imagine it is rather difficult to "go Tiny" RL compared to being Furry RL.

Both groups make me smile, though, and I'm glad I have lots of Tiny and Furry friends, but the latter has an allure to it that ... hard to describe. In any case, just as I celebrate Caturday by wearing neko bits in SL and RL, I'm going to start celebrating Fursday, at least in Second Life. Join me?

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