Monday, January 23, 2012

Zaara - A lovely little town

When I need a bit of peace with a hint of excitement I think of Zaara (SLurl), a lovely little town with a shop that sells traditional and inspired Indian clothing of the highest quality.

The entrance to the shop shows hints at the high-quality textures of the clothing, such as you see on my model. Xandah is wearing a patterned orange kurta and blood-orange churida. She has the "Bollywood" hair that is in your basic Linden inventory. I didn't ask about the shoes. Note the arches on the windows and the door. Very cleverly done.

Relaxing by the water at sunset. At times the surrounding buildings have shops, but today they were empty. Each is beautiful and evokes a distinct feel yet blend to make a cohesive environment. Zaara Kohime, the builder, seems to understand architecture at least as well as she does fashion.

Too many people fly into a shop or a mall, look for what they want (sometimes using viewer-based search tools so they can get back to mindless scripted dancing more quickly), then simply leave. Zaara is a place to be savored. This alleyway of mock-shops is a delightful addition, immensely adding to the region's character. When I see this level of passion in a build I have little trouble paying the shop owner whatever they want for the goods I want. They certainly deserve it.

Same alley, different direction. I love the shadows. In this shot and the previous one is a model's pose stand languishing on the pavements. Not sure why. The critter, I can understand.

Most any build has wee errors, like this slightly airborne elephant outside a temple for Ganesha. A near by corner has some clearly airborne trees, but you have to work to get to them. But a scene like this certainly makes up for any trivial "ooops" or two that one might find. Goodness knows I spend lots of time at my builds looking for prims that have drifted or been mis-placed and textures that are poorly done.
Zaara has a blog if you'd like to keep up with new releases. It updates more than the in-world group. But her clothes are only one reason to visit. The region is several reasons to visit, unto itself.

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