Saturday, January 14, 2012


This picture, which I ran across earlier today (Web), shows all the trees in the United States. As a forest girl, it makes me weep. Fortunately, I live in a darker-shaded part of the Northeast. I can walk 10 minutes in one direction and put my feet in the North Atlantic ocean or have someone drive me 45 minutes in the opposite direction and I'm in a hush-quiet forest, green even in Winter thanks to the abundance of pine trees.

And I can also escape to Second Life, where generous people have graced the landscape with tropical jungles, deep deciduous forests, and other lush landscapes. Crimarizon (SLurl) is one such place. Immediately upon entering the region one can almost feel the humidity rise, hear the buzz of numerous but unknown insects, and smell the abundant fertile ecosystem.

A birds-eye view at sunset. You'd have to look very close to see my adult pixy alt near the top of the spectacular set of falls, just under the fairy statue.
You quickly notice the fantasy elements, from amazing plants to inspired statuary to other-worldly creatures always lurking in the corner of your eye. Everything is fabulous to see, I believe, but the cave is the best part for me.

Many interesting things live inside the cave, one of the best I've seen in all Second Life in terms of beauty and geologic plausibility, fantasy creatures aside. Zyx is hovering in safety over a vine above the ground.

Beware when you use one of the cave's exits for it is guarded. There's a reason Zyx's blade is bloodied.
These pictures really don't do justice to the build for a couple reasons. One, I couldn't shoot everything. There is just too much to see and too much detail. Secondly, I spent so much time making this last one. I have nearly a dozen variations and at least that many more planned, once I can make a couple props and play with a few other Windlight settings.

Clearly I'll be spending more time at Crimarizon. If you see a pixy named Zyx, say "Hi" ... if she's not busy in battle with some fierce creature.

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