Friday, January 13, 2012

Fabulous Hair

Late last night when my wee pixy alt was wrapping up a purchase of a freebie item on the SL Marketplace, the site suggested several other items in hopes to wring some cash out of her. Interestingly, one of the items was a free demo hair from Wasabi Pills (in-world at SLurl), pretty much obviating the attempt at bringing the checkout total above Zero Lindens. But she quickly grabbed that, too, and grabbed demos of other styles including the one pictured here, Sebastianne. Everyone who saw it the next day agreed that this mesh hair was far too adult for such a child-like pixy. But not for her bigger "sister," another pixy alt of mine ... the adult one. And, my goodness, she makes it very, very adult, indeed.

Several shades of one color for L$250 or a complete set of all colors is just L$1500 (if I recall correctly). This shade is Night Shadow, part of the pack of all blacks.
Yes, you saw the word mesh up there. This is new tech hair that anchors to the body thus moving naturally. Those tresses draped over the pixy's modest assets won't "fall" into her body as her pose changes. Nor will they stiffly stick out into space as sculpted and non-sculpted prims both do. The hair stays put. Add some strategically placed flexi prims (none in evidence here) to simulate fly-aways and the look could be oh so natural. In any case, I think the hair looks great and even mesh detractors likely will, too. Sure, there are some drawbacks. Like a special hair base and a hair-specific alpha layer are required. And there is a rendering error common to invisi-prims with some of the space between the hair and the body. I'm not sure why. If this big pixy were bustier, the gap would close and no one would be the wiser, despite their increased propensity to stare at the increased bounty.

But I am thoroughly pleased, indeed. In fact, I made this style her standard hair, the one saved with a dressable nude avatar. It even looks good with her usual blue skin ... but I'm too thrilled with this effect to change skins just yet. Her wee "sister" pixy has some money and the names of a couple more youthful styles available at Wasabi Pill and plans on ducking in tomorrow to shop. If, that is, her big "sister" is done playing.

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