Saturday, January 28, 2012

Featured Locations @Lesbos

For a couple weeks now I've been posting ... erm, posters ... at Lesbos to highlight some of the new attractions for new visitors and those reorienting themselves after the remodeling. Here are the first few:

The Beach @Lesbos!
The part of Lesbos that has gotten he most compliments is the beach, Sappho's Point. It runs nearly the width of the sim and has a whole array of amenities, such as floaties, towels, lounges, a sauna and hot tub, and plenty of places to cuddle. You can even grab an inner tube or a jet ski. There are several islands, too, that I guess are part of the the Point, but I haven't given them their own names yet. In the background behind some trees is the rainbow roof of The Pride Club, the main dance venue on the Isle.

The Secret Garden @Lesbos!
The Secret Garden is actually a left over from the last rendition of Lesbos, having been added at least six months ago by our pixy gardener. The sim-wide remodeling saw the addition of a wonderful set of cuddle/intimacy blankets in a camp setting to the Garden, but little else changed. The magical flora is home to wandering unicorns -- sometimes you see them and sometimes you don't -- but there are always dance balls, cuddles, and even places to sit by yourself and enjoy nature. Be sure to say "hi" to Fiona, the garden fairy.

The "Love Boat" @Lesbos!
The next featured location is the "Love Boat," a flying ark filled with a little tropical paradise and a cozy cottage for intimate get aways. For years, Lesbos had a wonderful steampunk airship, but last year it was replaced by the airborne "Love Boat" and this year the boat as been expanded, in a fashion, by having two more air-floating islands join it in the skies.

There are so many places on Lesbos that deserve attention, like each of the islands and the mermaid cave and the Bath House and ... well, each will get their week in the sun, so to speak, when they each get a poster near the Entrance Teleporter.

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