Thursday, February 21, 2013

Magellan Linden LIVES

Upon receiving a notice from my special Magellan Linden detector at 10:10AM SLT today I immediately initiated an aeatherwave (IM) communication with the great explorer.

[10:14] Uccello Poultry: Hello, Magellan! Are you alright? Folks are worried about you.
[10:16] Uccello Poultry: I've been searching for you. Did you see my offer of free drinks for an interview? or my other blog post?
[10:18] Uccello Poultry: Do you need supplies?
[10:21] Magellan Linden: Nah, I'm good. Thanks! There's some suspicious stuff going on ...
[10:21] Uccello Poultry: Anything I can help with?
[10:21] Uccello Poultry: I saw that the Piranha region in the Wilderness has been wiped out, possibly by a typhoon.
[10:22] Magellan Linden: It's under my hat for now ... oh? Hmm, I wonder ....
[10:24] Uccello Poultry: Contact me any time if I can help. Did you know that old-time resident Jack Salazar disappeared in an attempt to find you? There is a search on for him, too.
[10:24] User not online - message will be stored and delivered later. 
There was no further communication and as of the time of this post there was no indication that Magellan was back in-world. Keep in mind, however, that Lindens have a special ability to hide their presence, both from online status detectors and radar.

Of course, in my excitement I got Salazar Jack's name bassackwards.

Piranha (SLurl) is part of the Wilderness and a prime location to search for Magellan's whereabouts. For at least a week now the region has been devoid of everything except the most innocuous small items, including Magellan's LDPW raft.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Topless Tuesday

Yesterday was my Topless Tuesday (don't Web search that phrase while at work) because my mistress (and wife) gave me several instructions for the day, one being "stay topless until told otherwise." Any woman will tell you that not wearing a bra is a touch of freedom at times, but this was Second Life. What it did, really, was to limit my freedom to places that met certain maturity ratings. For example, I couldn't go to my home in Bay City as it is a G-rated region (NO nudity). I could, however, spend time at my home in Nangrim because of its M-rating (nudity is fine, just no public sex acts). Of course, A-rated (Adult) regions were fine, but right away I visited a resort recommended by a friend only to read on the rule card "No Nudity During Events" – an event was in progress right at the entrance.

Still, I managed to get through the day by exploring new regions, only occasionally going to nude beaches or adult clubs where I knew I was safe from being ToSsed out on my hooters, simply wandering about as if I was fully dressed. No one bothered me.

Then I thought, "lets see if I can get away with it every Tuesday!" So. Starting today, I plan on being topless in Second Life every Tuesday, barring needs to visit G-rated sims (like meetings in Bay City) or areas where the land owner forbids it (like that resort), until further notice. Here is my start:

I posted almost all these pictures on the MySL feeds, ending in this one and promising an NSFW version for this blog. Scroll all the way to the bottom to see it. After all, if I don't mind the Ladies getting out in-world, why would I mind here?
The first pic of the day, on a beach at a nice Adult resort. In two days, though, my breasts were the only ones I've seen (dang it!!)
I just had to do this. I have no poses in my inventory that have my hands covering me well since most seem to be made for women that are far less endowed than me. No, the sliders are not maxxed and I'm not wearing primplants.
I live in New England where views like this are not uncommon – if you take the topless girl out of the pic. I am allowed by law to be topless in my state so long as such an act does not cause others to break the law, such as starting a riot.
Of course, I had to visit a Safe Hub. No one acknowledged I was there, not even the topless man. Why are they allowed to be topless anywhere and women aren't? Very sexist.
"Hello!!! Topless girl here, you aliens!!"
Dancing with the butterflies at my home in Nangrim.
Finally, the "money shot" – me and the Ladies just hanging out (so to speak).

Sunday, February 10, 2013

One Billion Rising is Everywhere

One Billion Rising, the world-wide (not just in Second Life) event to raise awareness about violence against women, is an important step in truly giving women parity but I see its spirit everywhere, like in this lovely piece from the Webcomic Sinfest.

Click for a larger image or visit the original.

Rise up!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

One Billion Rising in Second Life

Learn more about One Billion Rising in SL here.

Welcome to My Blizzard

The Blizzard of 2013, as the current confluence of an off-shore storm with a land-based storm has been called (with full confidence by hype-loving media that there won't be another one any time in the next 10 months), has about another six to 10 hours before it scoots out of my area in southern Maine. As of this moment we are at one of two critical high tides so us coastal folks have to worry about the North Atlantic invading our streets and front yards. One port saw a 26-foot surge in 14 seconds. I live close enough to smell the ocean but not so close that I have to worry about direct damage from the flood. For our part, this is what we're facing:

Our wheelchair ramp is buried, though the blowing snow has the very end (which you can't see) fairly clear.

My neighbor's garage as seen from one of my bedroom windows. Thats about a 4-foot drift.

A view of my neighbors from our front window. This will make them think twice about using their garage for storage instead of for a car. That is one nasty snow drift. The property across the way is owned by a retirement home complex so they've been plowed a couple times over night.

While we wait for our plow guy (none of us are medically cleared to shovel snow) we can watch the drifts pile up from the 50 m.p.h. to 70 m.p.h. wind gusts. Some were stronger last night.
Almost no power outages in our area (thank you, Central Maine Power!) so one of our TVs is always tuned to the NECN, the regional all-news network so we can watch folks that are even worse off than we are in our little town. Welcome to the Blizzard of 2013!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

One Billion Rising Photo Contest (EDIT)

|One Billion Rising – Second Life| PHOTO CONTEST (Press Release)

|Contest Description|
“Why I’m Rising .. in support of the real life One Billion Rising campaign to stop violence against women and girls. We challenge the Second Life community to join in the campaign in-world by submitting your pictures on flickr.

|Contest Rules| 
● Must wear official OBR T-Shirt , which can be picked up for free at the following location One Billion Rising Information location at Prim Perfect Headquarters.
● Photos must be submitted before Midnight(SLT) on February 13, 2013 ● Photos must be PG!!
● We immediately disqualify any nude or distasteful photo(s).
● Must join One Billion Rising in Second Life flickr group to submit your photo.
● Only two entries allowed per person.
● One Billion Rising in Second Life reserves full rights to all photos submitted,
● No text on the photo.
● Photos may be edited with photo editing software.
● Have fun!

|Special Note| 
Express “Why I’m Rising” on OBR-SL Official Blog 

The top 5 selected photographs will be featured during the celebration on Thursday, February 14, 2013 and the One Billion Rising Official Blog.

If you have any questions please contact Samantha Ohrberg
One Billion Rising in Second Life Team -2013

#  #  #

And a plea for help!

We need Greeters! These are residents that will meet event attendees and say "Hi," direct them to the dance floor, and be prepared to explain the event. Some will also assist the stage managers with keeping the party going.

Speaking of which ... We need Stage Managers! Contact Bourne Denimore if you'd like help corral DJs, make sure the streams are set, and generally party!

If the party gets out of hand, we need Community Relations Officers (security). Contact Rails Bailey if you'd like to beat up griefers help out. Well, it is more than that but you get the idea. If you have to deal with "characters" and griefers anywhere, this is a good learning experience.

[Yes, I own up to the crossed out text above. It was a poor attempt at humor and an insensitive choice of words on my part considering the nature of the event. Since the person who noticed the issue chose to not notify me directly but rather remark about it on a part of the MySL forums I cannot post to (they've locked comments on their profile (and they don't show in Search) I'll assume that they wish to remain relatively anonymous but I hope they check back to see I'm expressing my gratitude for catching this folly. If anyone sees such hypocrisy, real or not, intentional or not, please feel free to use the comments section of this blog.

As a multiple-rape survivor I should have known better.  - Uccie]

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kaelin's Fembot

One of the joys of Second Life is enjoying the creativity of others. Fortunately, I get to wallow in it as I have so many talented friends (far more talented than me). Honour writes better, Marianne textures beautifully, and Kaelin makes some awesome avatars – and not just the custom all-mesh ones she makes just for herself. You might recognize the name. I wrote about her Fire Giant here and her Storm Giant here. Her SL Marketplace shop is filled with intricately-made clothes and fabulous stuff for fantasy avatars (her wings are awesome), but now she's branched into SciFi with her new Fembot avatar ($529 here).

I'm in a corridor at Space Trek, an adult cosplay sim (SLurl).

This partial-Mesh beauty is Mod-Copy so you can personalize it. In fact, Kaelin tells me that if someone asks politely, she'll pass along the UV maps so you can do things like asymmetrical arms, new shades, and more. Also, some shape adjustments can be applied so while mass-produced robots should look alike, you can stand out (keep a backup copy of all parts before you go modding, please).

If you love SciFi, you must get this avatar ... or at least check out her whole shop here. As of this moment, she even has a dozen items L$10 and under, including her famous L$5 prim-resizer script loved by Petite avatars everywhere.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Mole Day Reminder

Caturday will be on hold this week while we celebrate Mole Day in Second Life. What? "Mole Day?"

Come join the fun at the Bay City Fairgrounds (SLurl). GoSpeed Racer will DJ from this lovely, custom stage built by Marianne McCann so be ready to dance your butt off! Who knows, you might even meet some of the LDPW moles in person!