Thursday, February 21, 2013

Magellan Linden LIVES

Upon receiving a notice from my special Magellan Linden detector at 10:10AM SLT today I immediately initiated an aeatherwave (IM) communication with the great explorer.

[10:14] Uccello Poultry: Hello, Magellan! Are you alright? Folks are worried about you.
[10:16] Uccello Poultry: I've been searching for you. Did you see my offer of free drinks for an interview? or my other blog post?
[10:18] Uccello Poultry: Do you need supplies?
[10:21] Magellan Linden: Nah, I'm good. Thanks! There's some suspicious stuff going on ...
[10:21] Uccello Poultry: Anything I can help with?
[10:21] Uccello Poultry: I saw that the Piranha region in the Wilderness has been wiped out, possibly by a typhoon.
[10:22] Magellan Linden: It's under my hat for now ... oh? Hmm, I wonder ....
[10:24] Uccello Poultry: Contact me any time if I can help. Did you know that old-time resident Jack Salazar disappeared in an attempt to find you? There is a search on for him, too.
[10:24] User not online - message will be stored and delivered later. 
There was no further communication and as of the time of this post there was no indication that Magellan was back in-world. Keep in mind, however, that Lindens have a special ability to hide their presence, both from online status detectors and radar.

Of course, in my excitement I got Salazar Jack's name bassackwards.

Piranha (SLurl) is part of the Wilderness and a prime location to search for Magellan's whereabouts. For at least a week now the region has been devoid of everything except the most innocuous small items, including Magellan's LDPW raft.

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