Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Topless Tuesday

Yesterday was my Topless Tuesday (don't Web search that phrase while at work) because my mistress (and wife) gave me several instructions for the day, one being "stay topless until told otherwise." Any woman will tell you that not wearing a bra is a touch of freedom at times, but this was Second Life. What it did, really, was to limit my freedom to places that met certain maturity ratings. For example, I couldn't go to my home in Bay City as it is a G-rated region (NO nudity). I could, however, spend time at my home in Nangrim because of its M-rating (nudity is fine, just no public sex acts). Of course, A-rated (Adult) regions were fine, but right away I visited a resort recommended by a friend only to read on the rule card "No Nudity During Events" – an event was in progress right at the entrance.

Still, I managed to get through the day by exploring new regions, only occasionally going to nude beaches or adult clubs where I knew I was safe from being ToSsed out on my hooters, simply wandering about as if I was fully dressed. No one bothered me.

Then I thought, "lets see if I can get away with it every Tuesday!" So. Starting today, I plan on being topless in Second Life every Tuesday, barring needs to visit G-rated sims (like meetings in Bay City) or areas where the land owner forbids it (like that resort), until further notice. Here is my start:

I posted almost all these pictures on the MySL feeds, ending in this one and promising an NSFW version for this blog. Scroll all the way to the bottom to see it. After all, if I don't mind the Ladies getting out in-world, why would I mind here?
The first pic of the day, on a beach at a nice Adult resort. In two days, though, my breasts were the only ones I've seen (dang it!!)
I just had to do this. I have no poses in my inventory that have my hands covering me well since most seem to be made for women that are far less endowed than me. No, the sliders are not maxxed and I'm not wearing primplants.
I live in New England where views like this are not uncommon – if you take the topless girl out of the pic. I am allowed by law to be topless in my state so long as such an act does not cause others to break the law, such as starting a riot.
Of course, I had to visit a Safe Hub. No one acknowledged I was there, not even the topless man. Why are they allowed to be topless anywhere and women aren't? Very sexist.
"Hello!!! Topless girl here, you aliens!!"
Dancing with the butterflies at my home in Nangrim.
Finally, the "money shot" – me and the Ladies just hanging out (so to speak).

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