Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bouncy Bosoms

I'll try to update this with pix, but right now I'm too angry.

There is no way I can recommend the Bouncing Bosom Tintable Wife Beater Top by Raven Ivanova (available on SLex, her store, or discussed here).

Cripes. I wish I had seen the review on SLex before buying this product in the store. The way that this even remotely works is a black shirt with black prims. Otherwise you have a tinted shirt with texture and tinted prims with no texture. The picture on SLex is the same as the one in the store ... completely contrary to what it looks like in-world.

To the maker's credit, they do mention in several places that the product does not work well with Windlight-based viewers. What they should say is that it does not work at all. I tried an older viewer and some colour combos were acceptable but as most folks don't use those viewers (or tweak graphics on the newer viewers per the maker's instructions) there is no point. This product should not be sold as is. Either updated pictures should be show comparing the viewer types or the product needs to be pulled. This was purchased for me as a gift and I felt so bad I gave the generous person thier money back.

I also don't understand why an AO is in the box if the post-purchase information notes that the effect doesn't work with AOs. There is no mention before purchase about this serious problem.

I agree with Aydan Darcy: "Don't waste your money.

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Friday, June 6, 2008

A Different Incongruent Truth

The lack of blog posts lately is one part laziness, one part being busy, and more than a few parts being disgusted with Second Life™. Take a look at the picture below.

When I started the viewer this morning a look at the status info at the top right showed all was good. The news links bottom left concurred. Happily clicking the Connect button (did they copyright 'Connect'?) I was rewarded with an offline for database maintenance message. Figuring the viewer information might be wrong I checked sources directly.Go figure.

Now the amusing part ...

As I was initially publishing this post I rechecked everything and found that a status alert had been added, but somehow some friends managed to log in.

Right. Maybe I had been tried to log in before the wave crested. Probably these folks were in-world before log-ins where closed. But information dissemination from the powers on hand can be much better organized.

Plaignante fini.