Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What's in My Closet? Boobs

Having your entire closet memorized is an asset because a great way to keep your look fresh is to mix-n-match elements from different outfits. It is also handy to make up for problems an outfit might have on it's own. For example, my wife recently bought a set of eCorp "eBoobs" for me and the chest attachment point (naturally) means that I can't wear my usual collar. Fortunately I remembered having a seldom-worn belt with the same functions. So for this outfit I tinted the mesh and shirt portions of the eBoobs set to match some Obsidian Latex Nevermore pants I have and I was almost set. Then I added some cuffs from Trilobiteware and Little Britain Rock Neko Black Leather Boots to complete the outfit. You might have noticed a hint of a gun on my back. It's my well-loved sexadoll ingram M-11.

eCorp breast augmentation available at SLurl
Belt from Open Collar at SLurl
Boots available at SLurl
ETD "Casual" silver hair tinted blue SLurl
Latex available on Slapt
Cuffs available at SLurl
primOptic Finesse glasses available at SLurl
Gun from * LPP* SteamPunk & Cyber Doll at SLurl

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Building in SL: Finding Megaprims

Building in Second Life® is a lot like sex. The act itself is the ultimate, but I love playing with the various toys and finding special materials, too. One controversial material for SL building is the Megaprim (AKA Huge Prim; Web), any "block" larger than the 10m3 that the system can generate. Claims of added lag, their use by Griefers and misuse by n00bies, and the need for good building skills makes them controversial. Since any plot of land can have just so many prims, skillful use of Megaprims to replace several individual pieces is very useful. However, I have yet to find a convenient way to to store and retrieve them.

So when my friend Peter Stindberg announced on Plurk and on his Blog about a new tool created by the genius Katharine Berry (Web) to search for Megaprims via the Web (here) and have them delivered to you in-world I was ecstatic! Normally I keep a folder of frequently used sizes but mostly I keep a barrel (really, a barrel) filled with boxes of Megaprims sorted by the Z dimension. I'll probably keep the folder, but now I can skip rolling out the barrel, waiting for contents to load, dragging out the box I think I need .... you get the idea. With Kathrine's site I just type in the dimensions I want and it will search for the nearest size available within the variables I specify. If you are a builder you need to try this then give Katharine a hug when you see her in-world.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

What's in My Closet? Latex Swimwear

Despite the idea that wearing anything latex strikes me as rather silly most of the time, I certainly have a lot of it in my Second Life® closet. This is one of two latex swimsuits I have from Alessandra Pinklady's shop (SLurl), the other being mint green. A recent purge of my inventory left me with about 50 suits and bikinis (some of which I made for my shop - SLurl) but I wear this one rather often. Why? Maybe because it shows at the top of the list. Or it could be what it does for my bust. It is not exactly my preferred style, but for whatever reason I think I look good in it.

This is the second bit of beachwear I've featured in my WiMC series, a nice piece from Bare Rose being the first (Web). Since I have so many, don't be surprised if you see more of my skin in a future post.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

He's Back!

My brother (in SL and RL), CC Columbo, seems to be spending more time in Second Life. I've seen him in-world sometimes when he (or his alt) logs in from a friend's computer. But lately he's been logging in from home. A day or so ago he bought more land adjacent to the lots we share and has added a really nice pool from Siggy's Waterworks. Come visit us anytime (SLurl). The Memorial Park has a long history in various locations but is always a fun place.

Yes, my shop is there, too. No one comes for that, though. People hang out at the pond or the hot tub after they visit the really cool aquarium at our neighbor, Splash Aquatics. Now they can hang out at the pool (and a 2nd hot tub).

Saturday, January 2, 2010

WTFrak was I thinking?

One of the first things I did in the New Year was to become a guest writer for Gadgets for the virtual world, a blog created by my friend Peter Stindberg. I'll be one of several recruits adding posts in the coming weeks. There will be the occasional link back to posts on this blog as I have a few items about gadgetry in-world. If there is a gadget you would like for me to write about, drop me a note card or contact me through the gadget blog.