Monday, December 1, 2008

One of my Fifteen Minutes

Uccello Fanboy Here!

What? I popped in somewhere to help a friend stalk a Lucky Chair and that phrase greeted me. How does one react to that? Considering the number of folks out there that want to make my life miserable due to some perceived slight or something (often for getting ejected from the Isle of Lesbos for a rules violation), I ignored it for a while and investigated.

The comment came from Peter Stindberg, who eventually explained that he reads my blog (He reads my blog! OMG! Someone Reads My Blog!) and enjoys it. So I took some time and checked out his blog (Web) and was quite delighted. His posts are thoughtful, well written, and pretty interesting. It is nice to see someone that brings a sense of curiosity to their Second Life®. Of particular interest was his post about shopping and prize hunts (Web). Hopefully he will post my comment. Or if he really likes me he will edit it so I sound like less of a loon.

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