Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Uccie Poultry's Openlife

Way back when I had a Windows PC (read: The Dark Ages) I had an Openlife (OL) account. I was Uccello Norton. After I started using an Apple computer I'd still log into the Openlife Web site to keep the account alive but I guess that without appearing in-world they got tired of me. So when I tried to log in today Ms. Norton was "dead."

But they now support Apple OSX so I'm back. That's me there, Uccie Poultry. I'm standing at (125, 128, 201) in the Sandbox on my first prim looking at my first shape. Seem familiar? I copied it from Second Life® (SL), number by number in the Appearance mode. Oddly, I started life on this grid as a woman. No choice for changing gender that I saw other than going into appearance mode. All the better, I guess. Now for some nice prim hair and better clothes, then I'm all set.

The better clothes came right away. There are some Freebie shops near the Welcome area. Nothing fancy, but better than the n00bie stuff you are automatically dressed with. And the options for upgraded skins. Actually, the n00bie skin looked pretty good. I didn't look to see if I had the proper bits under the clothes, but the face texture was nice. The default Animation Override (AO) was much better than SL's, too.

Right now there is no economy and I can't figure out how to upload textures without crashing, but I'm not upset. OL is beta. Says so right on the home page (Web). With only 40,269 residents the service has a long way to grow. If you can move about in SL, though, you can handle OL. Might wanna give it a try and claim the name you want to have now.


Anonymous said...

My advice "Stay Away from OpenLife"
Been on SL for over 2 years andI couldn't get OL to work!

Nat Donat said...

I agree with the Anonymous poster. STAY AWAY from OL.