Monday, December 8, 2008

Skinny Swimming on my Reef

Melancholy struck again today as I swam on the reef I made at my home. When the original Swimmer by Siggy Romulus was killed by the Havok4 upgrade I was forced to rely on a swim AO and my skill mashing the Page Up and Page Down buttons while navigating and running a simple swimming anim or just hanging on the surface. Or I'd use some great "swim balls" that my friend Serenity found. More often I'd just sit on the seafloor to watch my fishies (exclusively from Splash; SLurl). Recently Siggy's swimmer was updated (SLurl; Web) so I've been having more fun, as you can see in the picture. I even play "dodge the piranha" in my mountain pond. But what makes me sad is that I have to go enjoy other fine swimming and diving areas in-world. But usually I can't do that butt-nekkid (again, see picture).

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