Saturday, December 13, 2008

Content Theft: Brooklyn Designs part 2

Dear Friends and Customer.

As most of you know i create a special line of clothes for a brand called BD Designs (nothing to do with DK Designs). The owner of this brand was brooklyn Rickena. During long time, she was selling the designs that me ( i helped her to start with the brand) and Belladona Cordero (she did more than 40 outfits for BD) did for her. our agrement was based on profit share, but one day, this girl decide dont share nothing with the creators and keep all the money for herself. I left this brand so time ago so this decision didnt affect to me so much, but Belladona continue working for her and i know she was hurt with the decision of Brooklyn Rickena take making a box with all the BD stuff FULL PERMS. Neither Belladona and me autorithed this decision, so we would like that any ppl receiving this box take care of use like freebie or resell. there a lot of work behind that and nobody has rights to sell. BD Design still alive and Janeforyou Barbara and Belladona Cordero still working and managing the company. I dont like that any of my friends or customer will be affected or damage for any consecuence of the bad use of this stuff so i would ask to everybody can receive that box, dont do any comercial use of that or prepare gift like freebie with that stuff. Brooklyn Canceled her SL account so probably she will no be affected for any legal decision about the bad use of the clothes.

thanks for your understanding and best regards
Dexter Kaupas

Please see this earlier post (Web) on this topic.

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