Monday, December 15, 2008

More (Away) Games

There was a time that a ghost -- an avatar that a simulator would continue to render even after the account logged out -- would be visible to only a few other residents and gradually disappear to all, but this one stuck around at the Isle of Lesbos for nearly a week. I first saw her standing in the spot you see and thought of playing some (Away) Games (see this earlier post) but got busy and forgot.

A little more than a day later I saw her encased in a glowing block of ice, courtesy of my friend Kaelin. The next day the sign appeared. The day after that I seriously thought about restarting the region to clear the presence buffers but decided this Away Game was just too good.

Alas, the avatar was gone the next day. Maybe the disappearance was part of the rolling restarts that hit the grid. Maybe the presence buffers were purged as part of a cleaning or when the avatar's human contacted customer support about not being able to log in. Or maybe another Isle officer restarted the region. In any case, this unique form of performance art is gone, captured only in pixels even more static that the originals. :::pout:::

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