Tuesday, September 30, 2008


"WEAPONS: may be worn on all four of the Lesbos Sims, however, use in Noncombat areas will result in a ban of no less than 6MONTHS for the avatars involved. There is no appeal for such a ban. Currently the COMBAT AREAS include only the Castle on the Isle of Lesbos. ATTENTION: Combat in the Isle of Lesbos Sims will only include Edged weapons *Swords, knives, blades* and will NOT include guns, bombs or any type of push weapons."

That is from the new rules card at the Isle of Lesbos (SLurl). Previously, no weapons were permitted, though whips worn on the hip were not considered weapons. So here I am in my Bare Rose 'Pioneer' robo-suit.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Burning Life! Wooo!

Pix from Day 2. Something actually happened this day ... people showed up. You can, too (SLurl).

Saturday, September 27, 2008

(Away) Mosaics

This is why I don't go (Away) around people like me.

The Avie in the center went (Away) while (Editing Appearance) and stayed that way for a fair amount of time before I arrived. And as you can see, she was there long enough after I showed up that I and another staffer at the Isle of Lesbos managed to have some fun.

My first thought was to just send her Home. But a discussion of "(Away) Games" was struck and I decided instead to have some fun. I've done more elaborate (Away) Mosaics, but this was one of my rare collaborations. The nOObie male on the left was provided by the other staffer who was rather pleased with the texture I uploaded for the words behind the heads.

We were just getting ready to add more elements when the Avie "woke up" and flew off. I gave her this texture but she declined it. Sure, I can see how this might be annoying, possibly even embarrassing, but if it happened to me I'd laugh. But then again, I don't go (Away) around people like me.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

RL vs. SL

If you were to see me in Real Life (RL or iRL) you'd see me in eyeglasses. Not by my choice. They are always dirty, sliding down my nose, and just a plain nuisance. When I got a driving learner's permit I was told my eyes were good enough to not wear glasses. When I got my passport I was told to wear them for the picture if I have them even if I don't need them for seeing everything.

So why do I wear eyeglasses in Second Life™(SL)? Well, these free Lloyd glasses from PrimOptics are rather cool. er ... no, that can't be it as I usually wear another style. In fact, a rather plain pair is in my Quick Me folder, the one I drag onto my name tag when I need to get back to a basic avatar or set of clothes (skin, hair, eyes, shape, clothes, accessories).

Really, I'm not sure. Maybe it will be a passing but recurring faze like when I was a lioness for a month or when I was a neko for many, many months. Recurring as I've worn eyeglasses in SL before as a standard item then stopped for some time.

Certainly I see well enough in SL though using SL has hurt my RL eyesight. And that might have been the trigger. I started again wearing eyeglasses in SL as standard fare when I started wearing them iRL. What this means I don't know. It can't be vanity. Otherwise I would have expanded my waist and tummy in SL when it did iRL.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Invasion

My friend Coke Supply is an alien. er ... She's a Brit ... not quite the same thing. But you'll usually see her in her Alien avatar. She is a very skilled builder. She gave a watermelon-themed one to the famous Torley Linden. Very awesome.

She's very generous like that. As you can see, she's given out several of the avatars. I'm the cuye one seen here.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Practicing Randomness

Try as I might I just can't be random enough to please the ::: BareRose ::: Raffle Item Orb. I used to do okay hanging out near the VIP Sandbox or the beautiful areas around it, but not for some time. Hanging out in the main area near some of the prizes of Bare Rose (SLurl) doesn't help. Spending a lot of money there certainly doesn't help but I love my wife and spent nearly L$1000 on her at B@R just the other night anyway. Not once at that time was I sufficiently random to be noticed by the Orb. Nor as I sit and post this blog with a real-time (for this moment) pic.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Some thoughts about prize hunts

The Isle of Lesbos is running another prize hunt so I'm partly excited and partly sad. Excited because I worked hard on this one (just on volume ... 40 prizes! ... not complexity) adding some fun elements and some nice prizes (if I can toot my own horn). Sad because I see too many folks making land-marked lists of prize locations for others to follow.

C'mon, folks! The stuff is free, odds are you won't use it all anyway, and the prize isn't the point. Treat it as a game, not a harvest! Once again, I'll be moving the prizes around every few days to defeat the listers. That takes time and increases the sadness.

Three more hunts this year ... Halloween, U.S. Thanksgiving, and Christmas. No idea what I'll do for prizes. I'm running out of ideas and "mini-projects" that I have tucked away. I don't want to do pumpkins again this year. I'm thinking of a maze. Maybe with pumpkins. For Thanksgiving I might do turkey legs again. That was funny. Maybe bring back the "treasure hunt" gimmick from previous hunts. Last year's Christmas stockings were nice but maybe Christmas Cookies this year.

I just hope that people have fun. Sometimes I spend a fair bit of my own money on these things and that is fine if folks are having a good time. I just don't like the idea of cheaters profiting from my sweat, skills, and shekels. This is what I do it for: "I thank you :-)) well its so beautiful all around I didn't know that ... very nice places everywhere ... I basically knew the dance floor and the beach only so far ..." This was part of a nice IM I received shortly after the hunt started. Surprising it was so quick but very welcome, indeed.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lucky Kitty Crew

Back to blogging with the Lucky Kitty Crew again and I hope to get back to posting at least every other day here.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Really Great Avie Names

I meet a great number of people in SL. Here are some:

Cut Wiener & UnCut Wiener
Dred Looming
Elvis Presley
Glucose Sideways
Grim Thespian
Harry Potter
Hiro Protagonist
Manure Sack
Totally Unsustainable

Eph Yue
Missing Person
Ooo Ah
Station Vhargon


Alaska Loon
Alittle Lunasea
Alluring Fairey
Always Leakey
AprilShowers Becloud
Barbie Princess
Bendand Stoop
darkNtwisted Dreamscape
Card Holder
Comes Nitely
Downlovers Lane
Eaten Gumbo
EveryOther Thursday
F3ckme Babii
Fence Stradling
Forbidden4 Males
Good Chemistry
GoSpeed Racer
Holland Antwerp
Howmuch Decosta
Iamin Love
Immm Back
Imnotgoing Sideways
iwannadou Later
Lickmelikea Lollipop
Loving Fairey
Makits Oh
Malfunctioning Gynoid
Manefest Destiny
Milf Acronym
Much Later
Never Later
notso Bleac
Now Moo
Nut Case
OfeelMe Nitely
Parallell Parks
Perkins Trenchcoat
Rainy Thursday
rogue camel
Rumour Mills
Sandie Harbour
secondlifename GossipGirl
Seenknot Hird
Shesnotmel Memel
Shoobe Doobie
Sleepy Harbour
Speghetti Ragu
Spoon Nestler
Suffa Jetcity
Taste Honi
Tender Littlething
Tiny Runningbear
UwillLuvmethe Dayafter
Vende Latte
Wife Stepford
Woody Yue
Wouldyoulike Mayo

Vint Falken's blog made me post this collection. I miss blogging. Just too danged busy to do it.