Friday, September 19, 2008

Really Great Avie Names

I meet a great number of people in SL. Here are some:

Cut Wiener & UnCut Wiener
Dred Looming
Elvis Presley
Glucose Sideways
Grim Thespian
Harry Potter
Hiro Protagonist
Manure Sack
Totally Unsustainable

Eph Yue
Missing Person
Ooo Ah
Station Vhargon


Alaska Loon
Alittle Lunasea
Alluring Fairey
Always Leakey
AprilShowers Becloud
Barbie Princess
Bendand Stoop
darkNtwisted Dreamscape
Card Holder
Comes Nitely
Downlovers Lane
Eaten Gumbo
EveryOther Thursday
F3ckme Babii
Fence Stradling
Forbidden4 Males
Good Chemistry
GoSpeed Racer
Holland Antwerp
Howmuch Decosta
Iamin Love
Immm Back
Imnotgoing Sideways
iwannadou Later
Lickmelikea Lollipop
Loving Fairey
Makits Oh
Malfunctioning Gynoid
Manefest Destiny
Milf Acronym
Much Later
Never Later
notso Bleac
Now Moo
Nut Case
OfeelMe Nitely
Parallell Parks
Perkins Trenchcoat
Rainy Thursday
rogue camel
Rumour Mills
Sandie Harbour
secondlifename GossipGirl
Seenknot Hird
Shesnotmel Memel
Shoobe Doobie
Sleepy Harbour
Speghetti Ragu
Spoon Nestler
Suffa Jetcity
Taste Honi
Tender Littlething
Tiny Runningbear
UwillLuvmethe Dayafter
Vende Latte
Wife Stepford
Woody Yue
Wouldyoulike Mayo

Vint Falken's blog made me post this collection. I miss blogging. Just too danged busy to do it.

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