Sunday, September 21, 2008

Some thoughts about prize hunts

The Isle of Lesbos is running another prize hunt so I'm partly excited and partly sad. Excited because I worked hard on this one (just on volume ... 40 prizes! ... not complexity) adding some fun elements and some nice prizes (if I can toot my own horn). Sad because I see too many folks making land-marked lists of prize locations for others to follow.

C'mon, folks! The stuff is free, odds are you won't use it all anyway, and the prize isn't the point. Treat it as a game, not a harvest! Once again, I'll be moving the prizes around every few days to defeat the listers. That takes time and increases the sadness.

Three more hunts this year ... Halloween, U.S. Thanksgiving, and Christmas. No idea what I'll do for prizes. I'm running out of ideas and "mini-projects" that I have tucked away. I don't want to do pumpkins again this year. I'm thinking of a maze. Maybe with pumpkins. For Thanksgiving I might do turkey legs again. That was funny. Maybe bring back the "treasure hunt" gimmick from previous hunts. Last year's Christmas stockings were nice but maybe Christmas Cookies this year.

I just hope that people have fun. Sometimes I spend a fair bit of my own money on these things and that is fine if folks are having a good time. I just don't like the idea of cheaters profiting from my sweat, skills, and shekels. This is what I do it for: "I thank you :-)) well its so beautiful all around I didn't know that ... very nice places everywhere ... I basically knew the dance floor and the beach only so far ..." This was part of a nice IM I received shortly after the hunt started. Surprising it was so quick but very welcome, indeed.

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