Thursday, September 25, 2008

RL vs. SL

If you were to see me in Real Life (RL or iRL) you'd see me in eyeglasses. Not by my choice. They are always dirty, sliding down my nose, and just a plain nuisance. When I got a driving learner's permit I was told my eyes were good enough to not wear glasses. When I got my passport I was told to wear them for the picture if I have them even if I don't need them for seeing everything.

So why do I wear eyeglasses in Second Life™(SL)? Well, these free Lloyd glasses from PrimOptics are rather cool. er ... no, that can't be it as I usually wear another style. In fact, a rather plain pair is in my Quick Me folder, the one I drag onto my name tag when I need to get back to a basic avatar or set of clothes (skin, hair, eyes, shape, clothes, accessories).

Really, I'm not sure. Maybe it will be a passing but recurring faze like when I was a lioness for a month or when I was a neko for many, many months. Recurring as I've worn eyeglasses in SL before as a standard item then stopped for some time.

Certainly I see well enough in SL though using SL has hurt my RL eyesight. And that might have been the trigger. I started again wearing eyeglasses in SL as standard fare when I started wearing them iRL. What this means I don't know. It can't be vanity. Otherwise I would have expanded my waist and tummy in SL when it did iRL.

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