Sunday, March 30, 2014

H2oOh! Waterpark & Underwater Caves

While scanning the MySL microblog I came across a snapshot from friend Benjamin Wahl that a party was being held in a waterpark in SL.



ahhhhh .... waterpark!
Being a total sucker for waterparks I zipped over as soon as I could, all impressed by Benjamin's photos and hoping for the best. I was not (not, I say! Not!) disappointed. Far from being kitschy and derivative, the H2oOh! Waterpark & Underwater Caves (SLurl), is a refreshing, attractive, and professionally created intimate little paradise.

When I first visited, a stage was here for a live performer. Join the group to learn about other events and please find the tip jars so the owners can pay tier costs.
As the name says, there are underwater caves. Provide your own scuba gear and watch out for the bloody pirate or just drop in and wander as if you can breathe underwater.
Refreshing: There are no other water parks like this in Second Life. At least none I can find. Most have poorly made watersides or poorly utilized equipment. Many simply sit on flat land and don't bother having a personality. I would expect to see a waterpark like H2oOh in Real Life.

Waterfalls everywhere and turn up your sound to hear them. Quite relaxing.
Look around for little details, too ... water spots on the decking, cute signs, etc. Great touches.
Two adult watersides, but no lifeguards so hop on kids and scream your guts out!
Attractive: Just look at it ... This park isn't just a flat layout with water features evenly laid out. There's depth from broken sight lines, brilliant use of rocks, and very good water caustics in the genuine Linden water. Choice and placement of vegetation is top notch, too.

The kids have a play area complete with wading pool and picnic area.
Explore, explore, explore. Fun for romantic couples, too, abounds.
Professionally created: If Florecita Zabaleta doesn't do this for a living, she should. The use of space, texture, and pre-fab selection is brilliant. Sure, there are some rough spots ... a couple places where the bounding boxes are too large (like in the kiddie pool) or something could be set to phantom for a better experience. Some of the water isn't deep enough for swimming (I love my Siggy's Waterworks swimmer HUD). But show me a build that is flawless.

A convenient changing area with free and premium swimwear right at the entrance (SLurl). Direct teleport is enabled so you could show up anywhere, actually, if you use the map or need to double-click TP. M-rated region but please keep your clothes on as kids may be around.
A view of the kids (family) area from the "Adult" pool (pictured below).
Intimate little paradise: It is rather small but very fully packed. Hard to believe that everything is in just 8192 m2. Fortunately it is part of a full region, not a Homestead, so scripts aren't limited and a full 100 avatars (set higher than the standard 40) can be in the whole region at any given time. When this spot becomes super popular you should still be able to get in, grab a tube, and hang out.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Comment-Free Caturday

All this is on the public record but I have no comment at this time. The next few days will be spent with family, renewing the ties that bind so that we can all put this behind us as soon as possible.

I wish to thank my friends, family, and the understanding staff of the Bay City Police.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Comfy Topless Tuesday

Visit the Topless Tuesday in SL Flickr group for more from around Second Life.
Every week is a new challenge to come up with something different and original for my Topless Tuesday pic. I tried every pose in every piece of furniture in the family apartment, every possibility in the hot tub, the pond, and the couch in my brother's cabin. Eventually I snuggled up in his chair to think about where to go next ... then I thought "some stockings would look good." Matching garters and panties followed and some of my wife's favorite jewelry (cuffs, but I couldn't get my collar to attach) and I tried various eyes. After picking a warm Windlight setting ... *snap* ... and I'm done for another week.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Eyes Have It

Since going mostly blonde a few months ago (when my wife started wearing the same red hair color and styles I usually wore) and especially since I began to wear one style (TRUTH HAIR Harley) almost all that time, I've begun to change my usual eye color from greens to blues. No idea why, really. Sometimes I'll go further and change from one brand of eye to another in the middle of the day.

I've had these BSN Ora Eyes - Pale Blue for some time now. They were L$10 a couple years ago and were the same price when I helped a new resident kit out the other day. The pupil size is good for indoor/outdoor and the shade of blue is very natural. There is no prim option but lately I've been skipping the use of prim eyes because I have too many alpha layers on already. Lots of nice, inexpensive options from Red Beeks (on the Marketplace) if you need eyes.

A couple years ago I caught a sale at Ibanez Eyes (on the Marketplace) and bought some "Wasabi" green eyes that I wore a lot. At the time I also bought these Ibanez Fantasy Glow Eyes - Electric (and several other styles/colors). They have a prim option (with a slight Glow added) so you can change the relative texture size. The color is fairly intense and I think they stand out well with eye makeup. Don't these remind you a bit of Liara Okiddo's captivating eyes?

Before changing to mostly blue eyes I bought and often wore a very realistic green eyes set from theSkinnery (SLurl) so I popped back and grabbed theSkinnery Lovers eye - Storm (L$100) the other day. Unlike the Ibanez prim eyes, these are not spheres but shaped mesh so the editing options aren't as broad. These have to be seen closeup, really, as the texture is amazing. Not 100% amazing, though, as they are also shadow-textured so depending on where my eyes are pointed they can become dark masses at times. Without eye makeup, as seen below, the shadow can be very annoying.

Not an optimal shot in any respect.
Switching eyes often illustrates one of the joys of Saved Outfits – matching the right eyes to what one is wearing. Green eyes when I'm a redhead, bright blue Ibanez eyes when I'm a blonde at the beach, theSkinnery eyes with my makeup skins ... lots of options. It's good to be in Second Life.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Gib mir einen Kuss!

"Gib mir einen Kuss," according to Google Translate, means "Give me a kiss" in German. I needed to know that when I found Hesse (SLurl) by map hopping around the secret (and not so secret) Linden sims. Some of you might remember the parrot at Welcome Island when you were a new Resident, the one that would chat to you if you asked for a kiss. The one at Hesse is German, or so I gather from reading all the signs.

But I will never know for sure, I suppose, because scripts aren't running on the island. The "Click Me" help hands don't work, the signs don't work, the clothing givers don't work, and the parrot is looking for work. Apparently German stops working, too, as all the signs at the exit are in English. Such as "Exit." Probably good because "Ausfahrt" makes me laugh when I read it.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Topless Tuesday Miracles

The same doctor who told me when I was 20 that my bust would stop increasing because I was out of puberty assured me three cup sizes and six years later that really, really, The Girls were done with growing.


Don't get me wrong. My Pride and Joys are my pride and joy. I love them a lot (and often *snicker*) but even with new bras I'm starting to get uncomfortable. Sleeping on my back? Forget it. Hard to breathe with that weight up there. Sleeping on my stomach? Nope. CBS (Crushed Boobie Syndrome) it not a lot of fun.

And then there is gravity. You try to wash your feet in the shower with these things and keep your balance. Running is out. Period. Quite simply, gravity in Real Life isn't nearly as friendly as it is in Second Life. Gravity and Topless Tuesday – two reasons to love Our World.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Second Life as Literature [Update]

Strawberry Singh's "Second Life Book Cover Meme" – without further comment so I don't have confirm or deny anything you might be thinking.

Meme instructions: Create a book cover to show your avatar in fiction. It does not have to be based on a real book, it can be one that you make up. Don’t forget to leave a link to your cover in the comments and share it in the Blog Memes flickr group.

[Update] Because people have asked ... Yes, that is me on the fireplace portrait, courtesy of

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Remarks on Landmarks

Wandering about Second Life today I noticed that for someone who really does not collect landmarks (LM), I have an awful lot of them. I try to sort and file ones for places I frequent because with an LM I need only start typing it's name in the viewer address bar and like Google Auto Suggest, places that match show up and I can pick one. No need to open my Places folder.

Still, quite a few collect there and I try to keep them organized, but between auto-givers, friends that suggest places to me, and LMs I make "just in case," the little buggers multiply faster than gropes in a mosh pit. Thus part of my wandering today has been checking what various landmarks go where.

The name on the landmark for this place was no help at all and right-click > More Information was slower than just visiting.
If The Lab could create "Smart Landmarks" all this running around and sorting would be easier, I think. What? Smart Landmark?

  • A Smart Landmark creation/editing pane has checkboxes for attributes such as type of location (shopping, scenic, Linden land, recreation, Teh Sex, etc.), Maturity rating, public or private, and an option to set the LM to expire after X number of days or on a certain date (great for events with locations that close after a period of time).
  • A limited number of attribute checkboxes for type of location would be available other than Lab-defined options to allow Residents to sort with their own schemes but not so many that others who may be given the LM get confused.
  • Smart LMs can be updated remotely by the creator. Great for when a store moves or the landing area location is updated. No more "dead" LMs or having to send new LMs to your group.
  • Copy/Mod/Trans would apply to Smart Landmarks so creators can limit changes to attributes and limit distribution (great for Early Access for assistants/bloggers to certain events).
  • Share links (via SL, Twitter, Plurk, MyFace, the Web, etc.) in every Smart Landmark.
  • Smart Landmarks would automatically sort themselves into pre-defined folders or via a spreadsheet-style Places window based on the assigned attributes.
  • Hovering your mouse pointer over a Smart LM in the Places window or in your Inventory shows more information than just the very basic repeat of the LM name the action shows now.
  • Smart Landmarks could be viewed/edited/shared outside the Viewer via the Web.

Smart Landmarks would benefit exploration of Our World, too, because their enhanced functionality would encourage people to use them for more than just zipping from place to place. How many times have you heard in a group chat "I can't find my landmark for such-n-such-a-place! Can someone shoot one to me?"

What ideas do you have for landmark enhancement or organization? Drop some comments below and maybe a discussion worthy of bringing to The Lab's attention might ensue.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Find Begets Art

A new app showed up on my iPad the other day, one of the joys of sharing an AppleID with the rest of the household, I guess, so I thought I'd try it. Waterlogue ( takes any image and transforms it into a watercolor painting. Controls are very, very basic, but the effect can be nice.

From top to bottom, Isla Okiddo (two images), the Mhindepinde Rez Zone, Sandy Trail, and Tatty Soup. Full-sized images can be found on in my Watercolor Interpretations set on Flickr. Additional commentary (though not much) is also posted with each image. Below are the originals (sort of ... you get the idea).

Having never been one for watercolors myself, though I did an awful lot of them in high school, I think the effect works reasonably well. Landscapes are best. Portraits look odd. Could be just me. I'm often told the only taste I have is in my mouth.

I would like to do quite a few more of these, but the process to get the image into the iOS app and back out was quite cumbersome:

  1. Copy images to Dropbox from my iMac.
  2. Copy images from Dropbox on iOS to the Photos app (best not do this with nudes as our whole family shares the Apple ID and that means Naughty Uccie would appear on my mother's iPad).
  3. Open the images in Waterlogue and edit.
  4. Save the new images to the Photos App.
  5. E-Mail the final images to myself and open via E-Mail on the iMac, or
  6. Sync the Photos app with Dropbox and open the images on the iMac.
  7. Discover that you now have 3-4 copies of all the images scattered all over the place.

Until Waterlogue adds direct access to Dropbox I'll have to struggle. If I had a newer iMac I could "AirDrop" the images back and forth.* If I do this enough before getting a newer iMac I should invest in an adapter for the iPad so I can Sneaker Net the files via an SD memory card. My iDevices have some really cool image editors that I'd like to use more often. Like Waterlogue.

# # #

*I'm confused. Apple states that I need an iMac (Early 2009 or newer) and I have an iMac (Late 2009) ... shouldn't it work if I got it after the Early ones were sold? I might need to hit up the Mac users group in SL for advice.

Friday, March 14, 2014

What's In My Closet? It looks better on you.

Nearly every outfit I put together in Second Life leads me to think "This would look good on someone else." Perhaps because I own so few clothes in Real Life and they are of such a plain style I really don't understand fashion. This outfit is an example. If you care to look you will find a variation or two of it elsewhere on this blog. Whenever I wear my Black Arts Buckled Mesh Corset I wear jeans or leather slacks and black boots. No other variety. And I almost always slap on my RW Pewter jewelry set and some short blonde hair. For variety today I tried my Sanctus Mors leather slacks and some Blackburns Slouchy Over-Knee Black Boots and some makeup from Glamorize (Tragic Combo). My lack of fashion sense means that I have little originality. Start with one piece in black and keep adding black. Start with one piece with a rainbow theme and keep adding rainbows. Perhaps this is why I run around naked much of the time.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wednesday Listens

A few health issues kept me away from the computer today so I slept and read and listened to podcasts. Which ones, you ask (or even if you didn't, you can tell I'm about to list them)? Here are some, in no particular order:

A Way with Words
Word nerds unite! Hosts Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett intersperse trivia, games, and book recommendations between listener questions about word origins and general language problems. This isn't your boring high school English class. Many moments are either laugh-out-loud funny, enlightening, or both. As my brother also likes this podcast, it often spurs discussions between us. If you like to read, are a blogger, or just like to learn interesting things, A Way with Words is fabulous.

Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me!
One of many National Public Radio (NPR) shows I follow via podcast, this has to be the funniest. Forty-nine minutes once-a-week has never seemed to pass faster than when one listens to this hilarious topical news quiz featuring writers, comedians, and others trying to win points toward bragging rights at the end of the show. Callers can win a custom voicemail/answering machine message from the judge/scorekeeper, Carl Kasell, a legendary broadcaster. My favorite bits usually include comedian Paula Poundstone on one of her rants about studies or her unique takes on food.

Planet Money
Yes, lots of my favorite podcasts are from NPR, but they also share another trait – excellence. The reporters of Planet Money effectively explain micro economics and macro economics plus every kind of economics in between with wit and imagination. A recent series of shows traced how T-shirts are made from growing the cotton to why shirts discarded in America are recycled in African markets. Very entertaining and it really made me think.

The Incomparable
Like a few other 'casts, I don't listen to every episode of The Incomparable. For one, each episode can go on for two or more hours and I don't always get to listen for long periods so one episode can take a few days to get through. But if you are a geek for just about anything – comic books, movies, television, Science Fiction-Fantasy-Horror, or just about anything in pop culture, this free-wheeling podcast should be of interest. For the most part, a rotating cast of close friends (mostly from the tech industry, it seems) meet up with host Jason Snell for what amounts to a barely-focused discussion on the episode's topic. For example, a few consecutive episodes featured a complete game of Dungeons & Dragons played from start to finish – almost 12 hours. The one I'm listening to now is a "competition" where the panelists take turns picking board games and telling stories about them toward some sort of unmentioned prize (probably bragging rights). Not sure how anyone wins, but this "draft" format, as they call it, is frequently employed to provide a loose thread to the show in different episodes.

Macbreak Weekly
There was a time I'd watch or listen to quite a few shows on the TWiT network, but the only one I've stuck with over the years is Macbreak Weekly. Even before we had Macs in the house, it was a favorite podcast for me and my brother. Too often it becomes mired in inane sidetracks (popularly known as "ratholes") or the host, Leo Laporte, seems to think it is more important for him to talk endlessly, even cutting off others, rather than let the panelists speak, but generally I like the show.

Ask Me Another
Yet another game show from NPR, Ask Me Another, features music by Internet legend Jonathan Coulton and is hosted by a very funny comedian, Ophria Eisenberg. The show elevates bar trivia by requiring high-level erudition on literature, movies, poetry, music, and so many more topics. The quizzes usually have pun-tastic themes and often employ Coulton singing something. Contestants are people from the audience and some sort of quirky guest star, often authors and actors. The big prize for the end game is supplied by the celebrity and at least one show-themed Rubik's Cube is given away each week.

There are others that I listen to, as well, but this list is pretty much the cream. Drop a comment listing your favorites and maybe I'll give them a spin.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Topless Tuesday and The Sex Meme

Strawberry Singh is feelin' kinda frisky, I think, because her Monday blog meme challenge is The Sexual Meme (see here). Far be it for me to avoid something sexual, but I was a bit reluctant to try the challenge. Since I waited 'til Topless Tuesday, though, and you caught me in the bathtub I might as well leap right in ...

Wearing my new Lola Tangos Mirage "pumped up" to some 20% bigger than factory settings.
Meme instructions: Answer the following sexual questions because I am a perv and want to know all about your sex lives. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments so I can perv all over your answers, multiple times.

What is your sexual orientation or do you not like to label yourself?
In Real Life I'm a practicing lesbian. Practicing as some day I hope to be really, really good at it. I've been with a couple men willingly and it was really nice, but the unwilling experiences rather soured my desires in that direction . My Second Life preferences are more flexible. In the long run, the best sex organ is between the ears. Label: Open-minded.

Name a physical attribute that you find attractive or sexy.
Just one? oooooh... um ... boobies. No, that's two *giggle*. A quirky face is more attractive to me than a runway model's beauty. A "comfortable" figure is ideal. And yes, I really like breasts.

Are you promiscuous, a prude or in between?
Far from prude, but it takes more than "Wanna Fuck?!?" to bed me. My presence on a nude beach is not an invitation for sex. Visiting other venues might be .. um .. more indicative. It helps to be able to separate love from sex.

What turns you on?
Touching, kissing, and breasts, preferably in combination. Here's an interesting note ... recently I bought some Lola's Tangos Mirage implants because the shape/cleavage looks better with some tops. No, honestly, I bought them because someone I know has a set and looking at her is suuuuuch a turn-on. A 5% bump up in size from the out-of-the-box standard makes them about the size of my Real Life girls. A 20% bump up drives me crazy. I know, I know, I know ... so friggin' fake. But still ... I guess I'm pretty visual, too.

Are you dominant or submissive?
"You are the perfect bottom." - Parker Koolhoven. Parker was super special in helping me figure out my submissiveness and how it works. Sadly, she passed away, but not before teaching me this important lesson: Bottoms can say NO because ultimately they are in charge in any exchange. If I'm with a man, then I'm pretty dominant greedy ... "This is about me, buddy. If you have fun, fine." Well, almost like that.

Are you into sexual role-play?
Tried sexual role-play once and everyone involved admitted afterward that it was a pretty stupid idea. (Picture people walking around, picking up clothes, cleaning up stuff, and avoiding eye contact.)

Which sexual position is your favorite?
I don't know if it really has a name nor do I know if I should describe it here, but it is so friggin' erotic. In lieu of that, a good cowgirl is hard to turn down.

Do you have any fetishes?
One person's fetish is another person's norm. For example, bondage is fine but Sado-Masochism is out of the question for me. Food is really messy, by the way, but only if it is used right.

Have you or would you do porn, amateur or professional?
I have never voluntarily done porn. A few "personal" self-portraits I hadn't intended to get loose are on the Interwebs. Keep in mind: Even if you don't hit the Publish button, uploading pictures to a potential blog post can still get out with some of the well-known blogging services. *koff koff Blogger koff koff*

Do you consider yourself sexy?
Sexy: Adjective. |ˈseksē| sexually attractive or exciting: sexy French underwear
Like most women ... no, yes, no, tell me I'm sexy, yes, tell me I'm sexy dammit without me reminding you to do it, and no. Ask me again in a few minutes.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Variable Cleavage

Regular readers and those who know me in-world but don't read my blog (shame on you!) know that I usually wear "implants" (or "primplants" as I call them) on my Uccie character. They feel natural to me as I'm generously endowed in Real Life. My Second Life boobs, though, sometimes disappoint me as they don't conform to my clothing.

When I wear a t-shirt iRL compared to a button-up blouse The Girls get pushed together differently so their overall shape rounds in a different way. Wearing my Hanes bra versus my Breezies bra versus my Bali bra changes that yet again. Guys see this and girls can feel the difference. Changing clothes iSL doesn't really have the same effect, but it can. Check out these pictures:

With my Lola's Tangos primplants there's lots of depth to my cleavage and quite a bit of separation. This could happen iRL depending on how tight the shirt is and how low it is buttoned, but not likely with my figure.
The Lola's Tangos Mirage primplants still have plenty of cleavage, but notice how they pull in and change shape at the outer curves, more like the shirt is holding up the girls.
This animated GIF shows the change more dramatically.
No, I can't work my pecs like that iSL or iRL.
I've also noticed that the Mirage breasts need a bit more care with placement and sizing than with the other Lola's but for low-cut tops and strapless dresses/gowns, I like the effect better. Not so much when nude. Maybe I'll do a picture comparison of the two on Topless Tuesday.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Good news, everyone (well, every blogger)! Getty Images now allows many images from its world-renowned service to be embedded on blogs for free. Under select conditions, of course. Click here for the details then look for the teeny type in faint grey for Terms of Service.

"Great," you say, "but I'm a Second Life blogger! Why do I need images from the Real World in my blog?"

I'm glad you asked. It is a tool. As my dad taught me, every time you have a job to do you have an opportunity to buy new tools. Putting up shelves? Sure! I need new drill bits and a new level. Changing the oil in the car? My oil filter wrench is three months (or 3,000 miles) old so time for a new one.

Really, that could be extreme (not in our household) but you never know. Tuck away this knowledge as you never know when you might need it. And say thank you to Getty Images!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Topless Mardi Gras

If I was still living in Pennsylvania, today I'd be celebrating Fasnacht Day with a few high-fat lumps of dough shaped into rings and wishing I could have even more. Instead, I live in Maine and went with the all-America holiday of National Pancake Day (AKA Shrove Tuesday) by having lunch at the International House of Pancakes (iHop).  Mom had a waffle and pancakes. My brother had a burger and pancakes. No, I didn't have pancakes. I really don't like them much. Sort of in the spirt of the thing, though, I sniffed the maple syrup and stole a bite from every plate of pancakes on the table then tucked into a delicious country fried steak with sausage gravy, buttery mashed potatoes, and crisp steamed broccoli.

Normally, Mardi Gras is not my thing and I don't do anything for Lent starting on Ash Wednesday, but since others seem to like a party and it is Topless Tuesday, I'd say it was worth a picture, at least. Check out more in the Topless Tuesday in SL Flickr group.