Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Eyes Have It

Since going mostly blonde a few months ago (when my wife started wearing the same red hair color and styles I usually wore) and especially since I began to wear one style (TRUTH HAIR Harley) almost all that time, I've begun to change my usual eye color from greens to blues. No idea why, really. Sometimes I'll go further and change from one brand of eye to another in the middle of the day.

I've had these BSN Ora Eyes - Pale Blue for some time now. They were L$10 a couple years ago and were the same price when I helped a new resident kit out the other day. The pupil size is good for indoor/outdoor and the shade of blue is very natural. There is no prim option but lately I've been skipping the use of prim eyes because I have too many alpha layers on already. Lots of nice, inexpensive options from Red Beeks (on the Marketplace) if you need eyes.

A couple years ago I caught a sale at Ibanez Eyes (on the Marketplace) and bought some "Wasabi" green eyes that I wore a lot. At the time I also bought these Ibanez Fantasy Glow Eyes - Electric (and several other styles/colors). They have a prim option (with a slight Glow added) so you can change the relative texture size. The color is fairly intense and I think they stand out well with eye makeup. Don't these remind you a bit of Liara Okiddo's captivating eyes?

Before changing to mostly blue eyes I bought and often wore a very realistic green eyes set from theSkinnery (SLurl) so I popped back and grabbed theSkinnery Lovers eye - Storm (L$100) the other day. Unlike the Ibanez prim eyes, these are not spheres but shaped mesh so the editing options aren't as broad. These have to be seen closeup, really, as the texture is amazing. Not 100% amazing, though, as they are also shadow-textured so depending on where my eyes are pointed they can become dark masses at times. Without eye makeup, as seen below, the shadow can be very annoying.

Not an optimal shot in any respect.
Switching eyes often illustrates one of the joys of Saved Outfits – matching the right eyes to what one is wearing. Green eyes when I'm a redhead, bright blue Ibanez eyes when I'm a blonde at the beach, theSkinnery eyes with my makeup skins ... lots of options. It's good to be in Second Life.

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