Thursday, March 20, 2014

Gib mir einen Kuss!

"Gib mir einen Kuss," according to Google Translate, means "Give me a kiss" in German. I needed to know that when I found Hesse (SLurl) by map hopping around the secret (and not so secret) Linden sims. Some of you might remember the parrot at Welcome Island when you were a new Resident, the one that would chat to you if you asked for a kiss. The one at Hesse is German, or so I gather from reading all the signs.

But I will never know for sure, I suppose, because scripts aren't running on the island. The "Click Me" help hands don't work, the signs don't work, the clothing givers don't work, and the parrot is looking for work. Apparently German stops working, too, as all the signs at the exit are in English. Such as "Exit." Probably good because "Ausfahrt" makes me laugh when I read it.


Orca said...

Just trying to spell what the German Ausfahrt would sound to you ... OUZFART ... what's so fu... oh, I see ;)

Uccello Poultry said...

/me giggles.