Sunday, March 16, 2014

Remarks on Landmarks

Wandering about Second Life today I noticed that for someone who really does not collect landmarks (LM), I have an awful lot of them. I try to sort and file ones for places I frequent because with an LM I need only start typing it's name in the viewer address bar and like Google Auto Suggest, places that match show up and I can pick one. No need to open my Places folder.

Still, quite a few collect there and I try to keep them organized, but between auto-givers, friends that suggest places to me, and LMs I make "just in case," the little buggers multiply faster than gropes in a mosh pit. Thus part of my wandering today has been checking what various landmarks go where.

The name on the landmark for this place was no help at all and right-click > More Information was slower than just visiting.
If The Lab could create "Smart Landmarks" all this running around and sorting would be easier, I think. What? Smart Landmark?

  • A Smart Landmark creation/editing pane has checkboxes for attributes such as type of location (shopping, scenic, Linden land, recreation, Teh Sex, etc.), Maturity rating, public or private, and an option to set the LM to expire after X number of days or on a certain date (great for events with locations that close after a period of time).
  • A limited number of attribute checkboxes for type of location would be available other than Lab-defined options to allow Residents to sort with their own schemes but not so many that others who may be given the LM get confused.
  • Smart LMs can be updated remotely by the creator. Great for when a store moves or the landing area location is updated. No more "dead" LMs or having to send new LMs to your group.
  • Copy/Mod/Trans would apply to Smart Landmarks so creators can limit changes to attributes and limit distribution (great for Early Access for assistants/bloggers to certain events).
  • Share links (via SL, Twitter, Plurk, MyFace, the Web, etc.) in every Smart Landmark.
  • Smart Landmarks would automatically sort themselves into pre-defined folders or via a spreadsheet-style Places window based on the assigned attributes.
  • Hovering your mouse pointer over a Smart LM in the Places window or in your Inventory shows more information than just the very basic repeat of the LM name the action shows now.
  • Smart Landmarks could be viewed/edited/shared outside the Viewer via the Web.

Smart Landmarks would benefit exploration of Our World, too, because their enhanced functionality would encourage people to use them for more than just zipping from place to place. How many times have you heard in a group chat "I can't find my landmark for such-n-such-a-place! Can someone shoot one to me?"

What ideas do you have for landmark enhancement or organization? Drop some comments below and maybe a discussion worthy of bringing to The Lab's attention might ensue.


Indigo Mertel said...

Very interesting suggestion. Together with Toysoldier Thor's suggestion for virtual landmarks ( ) it would make the perfect landmark.

Uccello Poultry said...

Nice to see that, Indigo. I've never had any luck with JIRAs but maybe I'll make my suggestion now that it is "back," so to speak.

Indigo Mertel said...

Yes, you should file your suggestion in JIRA. In the meantime I shared your post and flagged it to the attention of Ebbe's twitter account... :)

Uccello Poultry said...

Very kind of you, Indigo! Thanks. I should get that Twitter thing.