Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Topless Tuesday Miracles

The same doctor who told me when I was 20 that my bust would stop increasing because I was out of puberty assured me three cup sizes and six years later that really, really, The Girls were done with growing.


Don't get me wrong. My Pride and Joys are my pride and joy. I love them a lot (and often *snicker*) but even with new bras I'm starting to get uncomfortable. Sleeping on my back? Forget it. Hard to breathe with that weight up there. Sleeping on my stomach? Nope. CBS (Crushed Boobie Syndrome) it not a lot of fun.

And then there is gravity. You try to wash your feet in the shower with these things and keep your balance. Running is out. Period. Quite simply, gravity in Real Life isn't nearly as friendly as it is in Second Life. Gravity and Topless Tuesday – two reasons to love Our World.

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