Friday, March 7, 2014

Variable Cleavage

Regular readers and those who know me in-world but don't read my blog (shame on you!) know that I usually wear "implants" (or "primplants" as I call them) on my Uccie character. They feel natural to me as I'm generously endowed in Real Life. My Second Life boobs, though, sometimes disappoint me as they don't conform to my clothing.

When I wear a t-shirt iRL compared to a button-up blouse The Girls get pushed together differently so their overall shape rounds in a different way. Wearing my Hanes bra versus my Breezies bra versus my Bali bra changes that yet again. Guys see this and girls can feel the difference. Changing clothes iSL doesn't really have the same effect, but it can. Check out these pictures:

With my Lola's Tangos primplants there's lots of depth to my cleavage and quite a bit of separation. This could happen iRL depending on how tight the shirt is and how low it is buttoned, but not likely with my figure.
The Lola's Tangos Mirage primplants still have plenty of cleavage, but notice how they pull in and change shape at the outer curves, more like the shirt is holding up the girls.
This animated GIF shows the change more dramatically.
No, I can't work my pecs like that iSL or iRL.
I've also noticed that the Mirage breasts need a bit more care with placement and sizing than with the other Lola's but for low-cut tops and strapless dresses/gowns, I like the effect better. Not so much when nude. Maybe I'll do a picture comparison of the two on Topless Tuesday.


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Dante Mikado said...

Very interesting. And the gif action was a cool touch.

Uccello Poultry said...

Thanks, Dante!

ZZ BOTTOM said...

I really don't like the mirage when naked and i do almost all the appliers to the tangos and i do feel their shape is more natural as well!