Friday, March 14, 2014

What's In My Closet? It looks better on you.

Nearly every outfit I put together in Second Life leads me to think "This would look good on someone else." Perhaps because I own so few clothes in Real Life and they are of such a plain style I really don't understand fashion. This outfit is an example. If you care to look you will find a variation or two of it elsewhere on this blog. Whenever I wear my Black Arts Buckled Mesh Corset I wear jeans or leather slacks and black boots. No other variety. And I almost always slap on my RW Pewter jewelry set and some short blonde hair. For variety today I tried my Sanctus Mors leather slacks and some Blackburns Slouchy Over-Knee Black Boots and some makeup from Glamorize (Tragic Combo). My lack of fashion sense means that I have little originality. Start with one piece in black and keep adding black. Start with one piece with a rainbow theme and keep adding rainbows. Perhaps this is why I run around naked much of the time.

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