Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wear Gray for a Day

Really, you need to visit the Wear Gray for a Day blog now. Don't blink. Don't think. Just go now.

Still here?

Then maybe you should read this from the blog header before you go:

On 9-18-2009 there is an effort to improve brain cancer awareness. you can also help me by wearing gray on September 18, 2009 and raise awareness for brain cancer. The tee shirt is available at *DREAMS* from now until 9-20-2009 any other questions please contact Sanura Snowpaw, Prue Genira, Colorful Sinister

Now GO!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I have a confession

Of my three brothers I am closest to CC, though I love them all dearly. To make a long story short, CC more or less raised me, shaping my values, likes, dislikes, and talents. One way he did this was teaching me to write. Not the letters, but the process of expression. When I went mute, writing became a more important way for me to communicate -- at times the most important way -- to the world. Part of the circumstances that led to me being mute made me afraid of the world, though, so while I wanted my thoughts to burst out I wanted to remain hidden.

I wrote under CC's name, on his blogs and Web sites. Often.

No, I won't put links here. He's had several blogs and most are gone. A couple remain, mostly without recent posts, and one of them is full of my writings. Some were assignments from him to keep my mind occupied when it was tearing itself apart. Others were rote exercises to keep me in tune with the world and my writing skills. But all displayed the passions within me, opening myself from a place of safety to refresh my soul.

Many of my writings were about music. Like all my brothers I adore Rock and Roll. Classics from Hendrix and Led Zep course through me as regular as my pulse, mixing with Metallica, Creed, Evanescence, and others of more recent vintage. My father gave me an appreciation of Jazz but I found the Blues and Bluegrass on my own, stretching me in new directions, encouraging me to listen to Alternative, Country, and Hip-Hop. The Masters complete me as I'm often lost in a swirl of Vivaldi or Bach that wisks me through the ordinary cares of life to a plane filled with joy.

A joy similar to what writing gives to me. So while The Poultry Report is primarily about the Virtual me in Second Life, I ask you to pardon the occasional foray into the Atomic world. So many forget there are genuine people behind the persona. Perhaps they are like me, hiding behind a non de plume, of sorts, but letting their true selves come out through their avatar. In-world I am just me. In writing, I am me and then some.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What's In My Closet? BINA Slutress Outfit

The other day I had some time to kill, what with all the avoiding projects and responsibilities I was doing, so I decided to go slap some Midnight Mania prize boards for the Lucky Kitty Crew so everyone could win their dream whatevers. I wound up at BINA (SLurl), a shop that features out of the ordinary clothes for Gor RP. Normally I decline the prizes as I don't need them, but this looked nice and I thought "Well, I'll at least try it on."

When I first wore it I was at least partly in love. After I played with the sleeveless, short-sleeve, long sleeve, and open bodice options I was considerably more in love. The textures and design are top-notch and this is just what I needed for my "period clothes" collection. The barmaid/servant girl outfit I have is too clean, too "new" looking. This outfit has some wear to it, better befitting the position the wearer would likely assume in a Role Play. Options include cooking implements on the belt, a flower for the hair, lovely sandals, and the aforementioned top options. Except for some kayaking and losing a game of Strip Greedy to my Angela, I've worn this since getting it.

If it is not in the Midnight Mania when you get there, look for it in the store. It is a great compliment to any closet.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


While looking around the Starboard's Yacht Club (SLurl) I came across a kayak rezzer and took a wonderful trip around the Blake Sea, quickly deciding to get my own kayak rezzer to install at home (SLurl) and at the Bay of Lesbos (pictured here; SLurl). You are welcome in either place to try one for yourself. Choose a single, a double, or even one for a Tiny. This kit is very easy and very realistic. Plus it's free, it's fun, and you may decide you want one for yourself!

Friday, August 14, 2009

What's In My Closet? B@R MicroBikini

So many Second Life resident blogs are about fashion, many either promoting wares in their stores or simply detailing their recent purchases. My Plurkfriend Jacqueline Daniels is a bit more unique in that her blog, called In Jacq's Closet, is described as "Raiding my inventory one outfit at a time." I like her focus and think that I can get away with liberating her idea for an occasional feature on my blog: What's In My Closet? No details on skin or hair or accessories, unless it is important, just pictures and comments about the outfits.

So mixing all these ideas, let me present the Bare Rose MicroBikini Type C, pictured at left. It comes in eight colors, but I seldom wear any but the black one. I wore the white one the other day but it didn't seem right on me. The other colors are nice and I'm determined to try to wear them more often, but if it doesn't work out I'll be gifting some. As with other Bare Rose clothes, the textures are crisp and well-detailed. What I really like, though, is the flexi-prims that make the string ties. If there are other suits available with ties as clever as these I haven't seen them. Certainly none of my some 50 other suits are like this, those with strings simply drawing them on the clothing layer.

Here's hoping I continue this feature. It might save me some money. Once upon a time I sorted clothes and decided to take pictures of every outfit I was going to keep so that I could "poke through my closet" to pick an outfit without having to try on everything in the process. A couple thousand L$ later I got most of it done then lost interest. And since then I've added many, many outfits and separates so maybe this series will help. At least until I decide to import the pictures, exploding my inventory and again depleting my wallet.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Geography Lesson

Thank goodness for Second Life®. Otherwise I might not know how close Israel and Texas really are on the map. Why, it looks like you could walk from one to another. And Israel is much bigger than I thought.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Just some recent pix

My Angela recently won a Neko outfit from a Midnight Mania and hasn't changed clothes since. Not that she's big on changing clothes anyway, but she really loves this outfit. And she's adorable. In this shot she's stretched out over me in the standard "gaze' pose you'll find in most MLP furniture. I took this in Mouselook.

This is me and Angela, sitting in the Memorial Park at Lesbos (pre-Nekoness). It is a comfortable, relaxing place and for various reasons we've been spending quite a bit of time there of late. Some of the time has been used to remodel a bit.

I write posts for the Lucky Tribe blog, featuring prizes from various Tribe affiliates. This shot shows me sitting at a lovely Japanese-style table set from one of the Tribe shops. It would be nice to put it in my airship home, but it's 20 more prims that what I have now. Maybe I'll trot it out for special occasions.

If you've been reading this blog then you've noticed that I love two places in Second Life: The Isle of Lesbos and Dive World. So here I am in Dive World wearing my Bay Watch swimsuit and rescue floatie, watching the surfers (that you can't see) to make sure they are safe. I should look for that whistle and lanyard I have somewhere.

Last night Angela and I just hung out in my airship, cuddling and talking and snuggling and sharing. :::sigh:::

No, the text didn't stick with each photo, but you can figure it out.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Cliff Diving @ Dive World

Yes, I spend a lot of time at Dive World (SLurl). Yesterday and today I've been cliff diving off the waterfall in the western region (SLurL). No poseballs for that so I'm using my Swimmer from Siggy's waterworks. Lots of fishies in the water and an fighter plane wreck at the bottom of the lake. Sometimes I put on my scuba gear and explore it. There are a lot of interesting things like that to see in any of the Dive World regions, wildlife and structures, alike.

My friend Kaikou Splash is doing most of the building, it seems, and right now he's adding an underwater observatory near the spot the manta ray school frequents. More wildlife is showing up in various places. A school of hammerhead sharks was spotted near the wreck of a galleon and some interesting critters are in a cliff-side cave.