Monday, August 10, 2009

Just some recent pix

My Angela recently won a Neko outfit from a Midnight Mania and hasn't changed clothes since. Not that she's big on changing clothes anyway, but she really loves this outfit. And she's adorable. In this shot she's stretched out over me in the standard "gaze' pose you'll find in most MLP furniture. I took this in Mouselook.

This is me and Angela, sitting in the Memorial Park at Lesbos (pre-Nekoness). It is a comfortable, relaxing place and for various reasons we've been spending quite a bit of time there of late. Some of the time has been used to remodel a bit.

I write posts for the Lucky Tribe blog, featuring prizes from various Tribe affiliates. This shot shows me sitting at a lovely Japanese-style table set from one of the Tribe shops. It would be nice to put it in my airship home, but it's 20 more prims that what I have now. Maybe I'll trot it out for special occasions.

If you've been reading this blog then you've noticed that I love two places in Second Life: The Isle of Lesbos and Dive World. So here I am in Dive World wearing my Bay Watch swimsuit and rescue floatie, watching the surfers (that you can't see) to make sure they are safe. I should look for that whistle and lanyard I have somewhere.

Last night Angela and I just hung out in my airship, cuddling and talking and snuggling and sharing. :::sigh:::

No, the text didn't stick with each photo, but you can figure it out.

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