Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What's in My Closet? Boobs

Having your entire closet memorized is an asset because a great way to keep your look fresh is to mix-n-match elements from different outfits. It is also handy to make up for problems an outfit might have on it's own. For example, my wife recently bought a set of eCorp "eBoobs" for me and the chest attachment point (naturally) means that I can't wear my usual collar. Fortunately I remembered having a seldom-worn belt with the same functions. So for this outfit I tinted the mesh and shirt portions of the eBoobs set to match some Obsidian Latex Nevermore pants I have and I was almost set. Then I added some cuffs from Trilobiteware and Little Britain Rock Neko Black Leather Boots to complete the outfit. You might have noticed a hint of a gun on my back. It's my well-loved sexadoll ingram M-11.

eCorp breast augmentation available at SLurl
Belt from Open Collar at SLurl
Boots available at SLurl
ETD "Casual" silver hair tinted blue SLurl
Latex available on Slapt
Cuffs available at SLurl
primOptic Finesse glasses available at SLurl
Gun from * LPP* SteamPunk & Cyber Doll at SLurl

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