Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kaelin's Fembot

One of the joys of Second Life is enjoying the creativity of others. Fortunately, I get to wallow in it as I have so many talented friends (far more talented than me). Honour writes better, Marianne textures beautifully, and Kaelin makes some awesome avatars – and not just the custom all-mesh ones she makes just for herself. You might recognize the name. I wrote about her Fire Giant here and her Storm Giant here. Her SL Marketplace shop is filled with intricately-made clothes and fabulous stuff for fantasy avatars (her wings are awesome), but now she's branched into SciFi with her new Fembot avatar ($529 here).

I'm in a corridor at Space Trek, an adult cosplay sim (SLurl).

This partial-Mesh beauty is Mod-Copy so you can personalize it. In fact, Kaelin tells me that if someone asks politely, she'll pass along the UV maps so you can do things like asymmetrical arms, new shades, and more. Also, some shape adjustments can be applied so while mass-produced robots should look alike, you can stand out (keep a backup copy of all parts before you go modding, please).

If you love SciFi, you must get this avatar ... or at least check out her whole shop here. As of this moment, she even has a dozen items L$10 and under, including her famous L$5 prim-resizer script loved by Petite avatars everywhere.

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