Thursday, February 7, 2013

One Billion Rising Photo Contest (EDIT)

|One Billion Rising – Second Life| PHOTO CONTEST (Press Release)

|Contest Description|
“Why I’m Rising .. in support of the real life One Billion Rising campaign to stop violence against women and girls. We challenge the Second Life community to join in the campaign in-world by submitting your pictures on flickr.

|Contest Rules| 
● Must wear official OBR T-Shirt , which can be picked up for free at the following location One Billion Rising Information location at Prim Perfect Headquarters.
● Photos must be submitted before Midnight(SLT) on February 13, 2013 ● Photos must be PG!!
● We immediately disqualify any nude or distasteful photo(s).
● Must join One Billion Rising in Second Life flickr group to submit your photo.
● Only two entries allowed per person.
● One Billion Rising in Second Life reserves full rights to all photos submitted,
● No text on the photo.
● Photos may be edited with photo editing software.
● Have fun!

|Special Note| 
Express “Why I’m Rising” on OBR-SL Official Blog 

The top 5 selected photographs will be featured during the celebration on Thursday, February 14, 2013 and the One Billion Rising Official Blog.

If you have any questions please contact Samantha Ohrberg
One Billion Rising in Second Life Team -2013

#  #  #

And a plea for help!

We need Greeters! These are residents that will meet event attendees and say "Hi," direct them to the dance floor, and be prepared to explain the event. Some will also assist the stage managers with keeping the party going.

Speaking of which ... We need Stage Managers! Contact Bourne Denimore if you'd like help corral DJs, make sure the streams are set, and generally party!

If the party gets out of hand, we need Community Relations Officers (security). Contact Rails Bailey if you'd like to beat up griefers help out. Well, it is more than that but you get the idea. If you have to deal with "characters" and griefers anywhere, this is a good learning experience.

[Yes, I own up to the crossed out text above. It was a poor attempt at humor and an insensitive choice of words on my part considering the nature of the event. Since the person who noticed the issue chose to not notify me directly but rather remark about it on a part of the MySL forums I cannot post to (they've locked comments on their profile (and they don't show in Search) I'll assume that they wish to remain relatively anonymous but I hope they check back to see I'm expressing my gratitude for catching this folly. If anyone sees such hypocrisy, real or not, intentional or not, please feel free to use the comments section of this blog.

As a multiple-rape survivor I should have known better.  - Uccie]


Dee said...

Uccie, it is a great cause. I would not have struck off the text, I found it humorous.

I have yet to see or hear about anyone being injured in RL by a EJECT or BAN in SL.

The adults understood your intention....wonders what we have to call "Whack A Mole" now.

Uccello Poultry said...

Thanks, Dee.

Mona Eberhardt said...

I'm with Dee on this. By the way, why exactly did that individual feel offended by the "beat up griefers" piece of text? Maybe it's an indirect admission that they are indeed a griefer?