Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Don't Tell My Boss!

Somewhere along the line when planning to remodel the Isle of Lesbos, I told my boss, Threshin, that I wouldn't do an elaborate undersea mermaid spot as I had at the time. I merely wanted a corner to do an undersea cave with a couple fancy building tricks to make it look huge. She agreed with "I like caves" and away I went. I tried several different landscaping schemes and wasn't happy. Eventually I went with a prefab full-mod cave I had in my inventory with which I took advantage of being able to resize prims beyond 10-meters. I had to fake a sea surface landscape, but it worked out pretty nicely. Threshin said she liked it and all was done.

Until I got some free time.

Soooooo ... I expanded a cave wall a bit and changed the landscape a bit.

Then I added an undersea habitat that I made for the fun of it (okies, half thinking to using that instead of a cave) and put in some beds and chairs.

After that I added some plants. But plants need critters, so I adopted a turtle from my inventory and bought some sea anemone and a giant clam ....

Anyway, it doesn't take too many prims and it looks nice and I can clear it in no time. Until then, here it is:

Terri the Turtle knows to avoid the anemone ... shhhh .. secret!
Oh, crap. I think she reads this blog 0.0

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Threshin Barnett said...

I was waiting for it, lass :P hugs