Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sappho's Point @ Lesbos

Coming up on six years ago, the Isle of Lesbos Manager, Threshin Barnett, got tired of me pestering her about building things for the Isle. She had me create a custom sand texture and then she took my idea for naming the newly expanded beach: Sappho's Point. Then I was allowed to make a distinctive rock, etched with the new name, and place on the beach -- my first build, all of one prim. From there I was given larger and larger assignments at the Isle, to the point where I was allowed to create the main buildings for the current remodeling. Tonight, I set the rock back out, not that anyone will notice, and slipped behind the new bar I didn't make to relax. One major project to go ...

The view is spectacular from here. I think I found my new favorite spot on the beach.

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