Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Photo Contest?

My friend, Lesbos Security Officer, and rather talented creator Kaelin Westland proposed that the Isle of Lesbos have a photo contest to promote the wonderful beach that came with our most recent remodeling. I'd be a judge, but look at the photo below and tell me if I would have had a chance.

Normally you'd find a pixy in this bottle.
I've always liked pics where the water surface birfucates the image but it isn't easy in Second Life. I had to render this in Acorn on the desktop. The undersea area in the image needs some fishies and the transition could be more realistic. There would actually be a magnification and image shift on the bottom side. The dividing line would have more ripples, too, I feel, despite the calmness of the ocean as they are closer to the focal plane of the "camera." And the way the Snapshot tool UI is configured I pretty nearly gave up at the start. I'm going to have to start taking screen caps and going from there.

But look away from the boobs ... think I'd have a chance with this shot?

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