Sunday, January 29, 2012


I got a message from ace reporter Zyx Flux about the Drowsy region (SLurl). In a word: Fantabulouslywow. Here's more of what she said ...

The Lucky Kitty Crew was at Drowsy and the group chat told me they were having fun. You know I'm not big on grabbing many store gifts and freebies, but like I said, they were having fun so I went and then I saw the sim ... Fantabulouslywow. I was in love. If fact, I offered to marry the creator and let someone else have the babies (our friend Serenkitty, to be precise). Everything I look for in a great landscape was there. Natural land formations as if Mother Nature herself did the work. Plenty of foliage. The key there is density, density, density. A great land texture can only do so much. Well placed grasses in great abundance with plenty of trees and other flora really give a sense of lush, realistic growth. And lastly, structures that appear to belong to the precise spot where they are, not just dropped in place. The types in Drowsy are not just logical, but the textures look like they've been acted upon by the environment. Here are some pictures I took.

There is lots of water in Drowsy and it attracts a variety of animals. Look for unusual species.

This seems to be the main shop as that is where I landed every time I entered the region.
Normally pixies aren't big fans of water, but I just had to do a floaty in this inviting lake.
Speaking of unusual species ...
This area is a great example of the landscaper's overall plan: Take a space and make fill it with as much as you can. All the Kodak guides on photography had the same advice ... "Fill the frame."
There are shops scattered everywhere. Rather than be organized with rows, racks, shelves, and the whatnot you usually find in a shop, goods are scattered amongst various tableaus, like this library. The lizard isn't for sale. That's a patron.
Another example of a shop on Drowsy. I managed to buy L$300 in goods while here and everything is top-notch. This is one very creative creator. Folks from the Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) were touring around and admiring everything, including my friend Claudia222 Jewell.

Many thanks to Zyx for letting me know about Drowsy. I'm heading over myself as soon as I finish this post. I'm sure I can say without a personal visit that if you like interesting builds and great landscapes, this is the place for you.

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