Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Lesbos University

The second major build I completed for the 2012 Isle of Lesbos remodeling was the University building. For a couple generations of remodeling, the Isle has had a "University," the first with actual classrooms. I'm not clear on the original intent behind having a Uni, but over time it simply became a big building with a room for table games and fencing, a living room, photo studios, and various other amenities. Once we even had a combat room. The latest incarnation has added a Great Room for sitting and socializing plus three dorm-style bedrooms and a dorm-style bath. A dining room was also added while the area for photo studios was greatly expanded. The courtyard is now the main entrance to the Isle and has already proven to be a great place to meet others.

The Uni at sunrise.
To the left and up the hill is Menagerie Isle, the sister sim with breedable pets. Under the glassed roof of the Uni is the Great Room while the main section houses all the other amenities. The courtyard is a unique spot and my "office," where I keep my laptop and cats and lunch. The water tower up top is a big empty ... or is it?

The courtyard with me in my "office" with Isle Security Officer JoyJoyJenny in her mermaid bowl. That's the Norwegian flag as the Isle's owner, Miss Jane, is from Norway. We keep the reindeer elsewhere *giggle*

I love the Great Room, though I'm looking for some really nice pillows for by the fire. My original intent was to have this sort of greenhouse-like with the game tables, but Isle Manager Threshin's idea of a sitting area is just as nice. I still might sneak in lots of plants, though (shhh ... don't tell her).

This is the Game Room. Behind the wall to the right is the dining room and a nice picture window is to the right. There is lots of room all over the Uni for expansion and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Maybe my favorite room in the Uni, the Bath Room. A couple really great showers and a handful of tubs, all with cuddles and intimate poses, is a soft, inviting space. Nearly ever time I visited since finishing it last night, it's been filled with women. The purpleness wasn't exactly intended, nor was the room itself.
When I started the Uni my only mandate from Threshin was to put in dorm rooms. So I planned four generous ones and bought four tubs, recommended furniture to Threshin, and built away without care. Once the building was installed, however, I was told the three of the rooms would be bedrooms and one should have all the bath items. Second Life is a funny place, though, as I hadn't expected communal intimacy rooms would be at all popular. For example, the large treehouse we've had for a couple years had a "group sex" room that attracted enough visitors, but seldom more than two at a time. Visitors would see it occupied by a couple women and leave or avoid it. Same with the hot tub ... "I'll leave you two alone" was the mantra. But the bath room has already had groups of women tubbing and showering away already.


Csar Georgette said...

This is such a lovely remodel of the Isle - I particularly like the open spaces and light and airy feel to all the places now. Fantastic work (as usual), Uccello.

Now just need to get to grips with the new dance floor area - Oh! And explore all the new 'fun' places... Now, where is that water tower?

Uccello Poultry said...

Thanks, Csar ... and the club system is the same as before. Just use the razzers. Or there is one for just a blank platform. IM me in-world for details.

The water tower is on top of the Uni ... the brown, round thing in the pix.