Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Lesbos Memorial Park

Grief-stricken, I took a little corner of Lesbos a few years ago and set up a memorial for a Second Life friend and lover who died suddenly in Real Life. Eventually it grew to be a memorial for all our lost friends and loves and sisters. With each Isle remodeling, a memorial has always been included in one form or another and each time a small part is dedicated to the first honoree, Parker Koolhoven.

With the current remodeling of the Isle, the Memorial Park has a new form, as well. The last version was cobbled together and I was never really, really happy with it. Sure, it had some clever bits, but it wasn't quite right. This time, I got it right ... I let my wife, Angela Seale, make it. Well, sort of. She took an idea of mine and ran with it. In the process, I chimed in with design suggestions and requirements, lent some textures and trees, and re-imagined an older idea. She poured her passion and several clever tricks into great design taste and now we have the new Memorial Park.

The Memorial Park again is behind the University building and facing west, pretty much at my insistence. I've always thought of sunsets as symbols for the ending of a life. The Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami memorial Torii gate is back to lend a bit to the Asian inspiration that started this whole incarnation. The one cherry tree from the last memorial has been joined by a second.
I told Angela that I wanted mostly very shallow water. Originally, I had thought to make something like a Zen garden -- a large area semi-submerged with memorial stones scattered about. Angela thought of an amphitheater. I wanted more water so I added some falls to her back wall and some fountains. The Diana statue is off-sim, as is the Torii gate in the other pictures.
Candles, one for each remembrance, are still a part of the memorial, as is the large piece with a rose and flame for Parker. Fortunately, we haven't added too many candles.
The westward view. The original Torii gate (also made by Angela) was mated with some simple rocks, but this time around I paired it with some new rocks and an off-sim lighthouse from TUFF. The sky here was highly manipulated but I love the effect.
The Memorial Park is a very special place. And now I'm too choked up to write any more.

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