Sunday, January 22, 2012

Prescient? [Updated]

Several weeks ago, shortly after the big remodeling at Lesbos, I added two neon signs -- New England Patriots & San Francisco 49ers -- to The Airstrip, the Isle's seedy strip bar and airport, without even thinking about the Superbowl, let alone the playoffs. My bestie in SL is a Niners fan. I put it up for her.

Well, my boys the Pats beat the Baltimore Ravens (sweeter because I grew up in Ravens-Steelers-Eagles-Redskins territory) so they are in the big game and as I write this, the Niners are locked in battle for a spot at the dance. Gooooo Niners! And not just because I have a friend that is a Giants fan and was forced to contribute money to his Christmas gift, a warm jacket with that team's logo.

Shoulda got him a Pats coat.

Ayuh, New England is wicked hawt!!!
[Update: 10:34pm local] Apparently I'm not terribly prescient. The 49ers lost. Well, it should be easy pickings for the Patriots, at least.

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Threshin Barnett said...

49ers RULE lol hugs, lass