Sunday, September 29, 2013

Message from Shigeko Tachikawa

An Emergency Message Buoy has appeared from an enraged rift anomaly in the Forest of Kahruvel (SLurl). It confirms that Shigeko Tachikawa was sucked in when her ship disappeared. I touched the buoy and received a message (transcript below the picture).

     Message Time/Date Stamp: 0000-00-00 00:00:00

     While trying to rescue my airship, I got dragged into the anomaly.

     The transition went smooth and I only had a slight feeling of disorientation when I arrived at "the other side", but this went away fast. Unfortunately the anomaly has been shrinking to a size much to small for me to get back. I've tried to push a notice through it with a long wooden stick but it remains unknown to me whether I succeeded or not.

     Given the fact that I arrived here without suffering any harm, I have high hopes the message found its way back to the right place and into the right time.

     The right time?
     Yes, indeed. Let me explain.
     When I arrived here four days ago, the place felt very familiar. In fact, it seems to be the very forest as I know it, but whether I'm in the same grid or just in a different time I cannot say for sure. The forest is much richer, the aquaeduct still stands in its full glory, and there's an ancient temple nearby. The landing stones are still at their place, and such is the star shaped marking on the ground. Salazar must have been here, I found parts of devices of the original experiment, cleanly stacked up outside the stone circle. How, if not by the experiment itself could they have ended up here, and who if not Salazar would have tidied up this place? There seem to be no inhabitants in this time, I've seen only wildlife so far.

     Over the last few days I slowly started to figure out what the landing stones' purpose is, and how to use them. As it was suspected already, the star at the ground is some kind of device to program a destination in time and space, and the landing stones are creating a gate into another time or world when being activated.

     I grabbed an emergency transmitter and visited the grid's past, and it's future. I've visited other worlds, some not unlike the Linden Grid, some so very different that it didn't seem safe to me to stay there for a longer time. In some worlds I even found obvious signs of Salazar's presence.

     In the past there were forests full and rich as you'd never imagine, in the future I've seen forests which have shrunk to the size of a park in the center of a huge cityscape but which were still well maintained by the inhabitants of that world and time as they knew about the importance of this place. Most importantly, the landing stone circle and the star where still complete in every place and time I visited.

I traveled to the Linden grid's past of a few years ago yesterday, I walked to Cowell Village, visited the Lighthouse, to the Explorers Base and some other locations. The emergency transmitter should have sent a few beacon signals but I don't know whether they were picked up by anyone, either a few years ago, or "today" -- When is "today" anyway? I also tried to send a few pictures, but I doubt even more they went through, due to the amount of data.

    As it seems to me, the Forest and the landing stones are a common intersection point of all the times and worlds and as such it *must* be repaired. It actually *will* be repaired in the future, as I've seen working again in future times. If anyone receives this message, please forward it to Mrs. Cessadia Thetan immediately. She *has to* make sure the stone circle will be erected again. As long as it's broken, I don't see any way to come back to my own world and time unless I manage to enlarge the anomaly again -- something I'd like to avoid at any cost. I would rather prefer to seal it completely as soon as possible, as it's not exactly controllable.

     Right now it must stay as I'm going to send an Emergency Message Buoy through it in a couple of minutes. It will hopefully provide a rudimentary communication channel between me and my friends, hopefully even good enough to send .pictures.

Shigeko Tachikawa, Forest of Kahruvel, unknown time, possibly on the Linden Grid.

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