Monday, September 23, 2013

Strawberry's Birthday Meme

Yesterday was Strawberry Singh's birthday so to celebrate, she's putting us all to work today for her amusement with a blog meme challenge about birthdays (see the original here). The instructions get complicated and offer choices: Answer Questions or make meme-themed pictures. I went with the questions as I'm not creative with pictures.

Strawberry takes her birthday seriously and was checking up to make sure I was amusing.
When is your birthday?
June 18th, same as my Second Life Rez Day.

Pick one person who shares your birthday and share what you know about them.
The NNDB lists quite a few famous people who share my birthday and has even more. The one that leaps out the most is Beatles frontman Sir Paul McCartney. Do I really need to say anything about one of the world's most famous singer-songwriters? Okay, here you go, then, a bit from IMDb:

Though a huge fan of 'Weird Al' Yankovic's work, turned down his request to parody Paul's James Bond song "Live and Let Die" as "Chicken Pot Pie" for vegetarian reasons.

List one notable event that took place on your birthday.
Quite a few things happened on June 18th, according to The People History, but the one I'd pick from the list is the debut of the Long Playing (LP) Record format. I still have most of my father's extensive LP collection, though nothing to play them on. As a little kid he and I would sit and listen to them for hours and hours, especially his limited edition demo records.

Tell us about a holiday that falls on your birthday.
June 18th is (not) well-known as Cherry Tart Day (source).


Strawberry Singh said...

OMG I look like a total creepy stalker, lol!

Uccello Poultry said...

awww. No, you make a cute stalker!! You should stalk more often.

Anonymous said...

LOL I love that Sir Paul turned down Weird Al "for vegetarian reasons" :D

Jennifer Chapman said...

I share my Birthday with Jackson Pollock the Artist

Lego Bricks were first Patented today

and of course Jan 28th is Data Privacy Day

Anonymous said...

I agree that she's a cute stalker. I'd encourage her to stalk me, but wouldn't we look silly stalking each other in circles?

Uccello Poultry said...

Thanks for the comments, y'all. @Jennifer I think Mr Pollock is done using that date. All yours now. Too bad you can't have his money, too.